Journal Contents No. 41


Considerations on English Marxism
Andrew Milner

Technological Change and the Unions: The Case of the Marine Engineers Before 1890
Chris Fisher

Media and Money: The London Dock Strike of 1889 and the Australian Maritime Strike of 1890
R. B. Walker

The Popular Defence of Chidley
Mark Finnane

Recovery from the Depression and the Seamen’s Strike of 1935-6
L. J. Louis

A Case Study in Complexity: The Origins of the 1945 Steel Strike in New South Wales
T. Sheridan

Biographical Note

May Holman: ‘Australian Labor’s Pioneer Woman Parliamentarian
Kate White


‘An Odd Lot? Self-Help, Women and War
Jean Sullivan and Susan Allen


Distribution Theory and Trade Cycles in Class Analysis: Some Comments on Clark’s Contribution
J. M. Barbalet


The ACTU Congress of 1981
R. M. Martin

The Irish Labour History Conference, September 1980
Martin Sullivan

Book Reviews

M. A. Jones, The Australian Welfare State;T. H. Kewley, Australian Social Security Today;R. B. Scotton and Helen Ferber, Public Expenditure and Social Policy, Volumes 1 and 11;Patricia Tulloch, Poor Policies. (Jill Roe)

M. F. Christie, Aborigines in Colonial Victoria 1835-86. (R. H. W. Rewe)

W. E. H. Stanner, White Man Got No Dreaming. (Andrew Markus)

Peter Spearritt and David Walker,Australian Popular Culture. (Peter Cook)

Tony Mason,Association Football and English Society 1863-1915. (Bill Murray)

Jill Roe,Twentieth Century Sydney. (Eric Fry)

Ross Martin,Trade Unions in Australia. (Ray Markey)

Ralph Gibson,One Woman’s Life. A Memoir of Dorothy Gibson. (Lloyd Churchward)

The Great Circle. (C. C. Macnight)