Journal Contents No. 42


The 1945 Steel Strike: Trade Unions, The New Order and Mr. Chifley
T. Sheridan

Attempts to Form a Union: The Employees of the Melbourne Tramway and Omnibus Company, 1882-1898
Alison R. Churchward

A Protracted Evolution: Labor in Vic-torian Politics 1889-1903
Lindsay Tanner

The Industrial Workers of the World: Aspects of its Suppression in Australia 1916-1919
Frank Cain

North Queensland Anti-Fascism and the Spanish Civil War
Diane Menghetti

French Workers and their Wives in the mid-nineteenth century
Austin Gough

German Social Policy (Sozialpolitik) in the Weimar Republic 1919-1933
John A. Moses

The Eureka Youth League: A Participant’s Report
Audrey Blake

The Anne Conlon Memorial Lecture 1981

Women in the Workforce and the Elimination of Discrimination-: Whose Responsibility?
Mary Gaudron


Class Structure in Australian History: A note on one review
Bob Connell

Reply to Professor Connell
Dave Clark

Wages, Profits and Class Analysis: A Reply to Barbalet
Dave Clark


First British Commonwealth Labour History Conference
Erie Fry

Book Reviews

G. J. R. Linge,Industrial Awakening. A Geography of Australian Manufacturing 1788-1890. (Gerald Walsh)

John S. Baker, Communicators and Their First Trade Unions. A History of the Telegraphist and Postal Clerk Unions of Australia.

Bruce Juddery, White Collar Power. A History of the ACOA. (Tom Sheridan)

Frank Farrell.International Socialism and Australian Labour. The Left in Australia 1919-1939. (Verity Burgmann)

Lloyd Ross,William Lane and the Australian LabourMovement. (Ray Markey)

Bob James,A Reader of Australian Anarchism, 1886-1896. (Peter Love)

Leonie Sandereock, The Land Racket, The Real Costs of Property Speculation.Leshe Kilmartin and David C. Thorns, Cities Unlimited. The Sociology of Urban Development in Australia and New Zealand.Hal Kendig, New Life for Old Suburbs. Post-war Land Use and Housing the Australian Inner City. (Sheila Shaver)

R. A. Wild, Social Stratification in Australia.John Higley, Desley Deacon and Don Smart, Elites in Australia.Jean I. Martin, The Migrant Presence. Australian Responses 1947-77. (Ray Broornhill)

Gianfranco Cresciani, Fascism, Anti-Fascism and Italians in Australia 1922-1945. (Michael Cathcart)

Richard Haese,Rebels and Precursors. (Janet McKenzie)

Gough Whitlam,The Truth of the Matter.Gough Whitlam, Reform During Recession;Michael Sexton, Illusions of Power. (Peter Cook)

Greg Crough, Ted Wheelwright and Ted Wilshire, Australia and World Capitalism.Gareth Evans and John Reeves, Labor Essays 1980. (Ray Markey)

John Wanna, Defence not Defiance. The Development of Organised Labour in South Australia.Andrew Parkin and Allan Patience, The Dunstan Decade. Social Democracy at the State Level. (Peter Cochrane)

A. B. Facey, A Fortunate Life.L. R. M. Hunter, Woodline. Five Years with the woodcutters of the Western Australian goldfields. (John Merritt)


Guy Featherstone, The Colonial Child. (J. A. Hone)

G. Douglas Vaisey, The Labour Companion. A Bibliography of Canadian Labour History Based on Materials Printed from 1950 to 1975. (Chris Tonilins)