Journal Contents No. 43


The Employment of Female Teachers in the Small Bush Schools of New South Wales, 1880-1890: A Case of Stay Bushed or Stay Home
Noeline Williamson

The New South Wales Ship Painters and Dockers 1900-1914: A Small Union and the Institutionalisation of Industrial Relations
Richard Morris

The Origins of Trade Unionism in the Northern Territory
F. A lcorta

Italian Immigrants in Australia, 1900-22
Gianfranco Cresciani

The Origins of the National Union of Railwaymen
G. E. Patmore

A History of the Labor Anti-War Committee
David J. Rose

The Trade Unions in Australia and Opposition to Vietnam and Con- scription: 1965-73
M. J. Saunders

Chartist Informers in Australia: The Nemesis of Thomas Powell
John Belchem

Review Article

New Directions in American Labor History
Christopher L. Tondins


The Archives Department of the University of Melbourne
Andrew Reeves

Reply to Clark
J. M. Barbalet


The Third Women and Labour Conference, Adelaide June 1982
Wendy Harcourt and Gillian Higginson

The Australian Society for the Study of Labour History-Fourteenth General Meeting

Book Reviews

C. M. H. Clark, A History of Australia.. Vol. 5. The People Make Laws 1888-1915. (L. L. Robson)

Jim Hagan,The History of the A.C.T. U. (Tom Sheridan)

Wendy Lowenstein and Tom Hills,Under the Hook, Melbourne Waterside Workers Remember, 1900-1980. (Stephen Deery)

Richard Price, Masters, Unions and Men. Work Control in Building and the Rise of Labour, 1830-1914. (H. M. Boot)

Gavin Souter,A Peculiar People. The Australians in Paraguay. (Ray Markey)

Richard Broome,Aboriginal Australians. (Peter Read)

Robert Bropho,Fringedweller. (R. H., Reece)

Rabert Darroch,D. H. Lawrence in Australia. (Michael Cathcart)

Michael Poulsen and Peter Spearritt,Sydney. A Social and Political Atlas. (Carolyn Allport)

D. N. Jeans and Peter Spearritt,The Open Air Museum. The Cultural Landscape of New South Wales. (David Denholm)

Richard Cashman and Michael McKernan(eds), Sport. Money Morality and the Media. (Christine Wise)