Journal Contents No. 44


Irish Female Convicts and Tasmania
John Williarns

Useful and Expendable: Women Teachers in Western Australia in the 1920s and 1930s
Sally Kennedy

The Melbourne Tailoresses’ Strike 1882–83 – An Assessment
Raymond Brooks

Victorian Council Against War and Fascism: A Rejoinder
L. J. Louis

Unity Tickets and the Victorian Branch of the ALP
David Stephens

The ALP’s Response to the Anti-Vietnam Movement: 1965-1973
Malcolm Saunders

Review Article

Class, Patriarchy and Community Studies
Belinda Probert

The Anne Conlon Memorial Lecture 1982

On the Treadmill: Women In and Out of Employment
Pat O’Shane


The Archives of Business and Labour, 1954-1982
Peter Moore and Ewan Maidment


Sam Merrifield, 1904-1982
Eric Fry

Tom Audley, 1892-1982
Eric Fry

Book Reviews

Gregory S. Kealey,Toronto Workers Respond to Industrial Capitalism 1867-1892;Bryan D. Palmer, A Culture in Conflict. (Christopher Tomlins)

V. L. Allen,The Militancy of British Miners. (W. S. Latter)

lan Britain,Fabianism and Culture. (David Wise)

JUrgen Tampke(ed.), Wunderbar Country. (Verity Burgmann)

Anthony Splivalo,The Home Fires. (Alan Fitzgerald)

John Barrett,Failing In. Australians and ‘Boy Conscription’. (John Rickard)

Brian Lewis, Our War. (Kevin Fewster)

Brian McKinlay, A Documentary History of the Australian Labor Movement 1850-1975. (D. B. Waterson)

Mary Dickenson, Democracy in Trade Unions. (Mereffith Burgmann)

J. H. Portus, Australian Compulsory Arbitration;E. I. Sykes, The Employer, the Employee and the Law;G. H. Sorrell, Law in Labour Relations. (A. Gillezean)

Sydney Labour History Group,What Rough Beast? The State and Social Order in Australian History. (Christopher Tomlins)

Richard White,Inventing Australia. (John Ritchie)

Judy Mackinolty,The Wasted Years? Australia’s Great Depression. (Wendy Lowenstein)

Linda McLean,Pumpkin Pie and Faded Sandshoes. (Wendy Lowenstein)

Drusilla Modjeska,Exiles at Home. (Rosemary Pringle)

Paul Wilson, Black Death, White Hands. (Peter Read)

Louis Essen, Ballades of Old Bohemia. (David Walker)