Journal Contents No. 45


The Felonry and the Free? Divisions in Colonial Society in the Penal Era
Sandra Blair

‘To Unite More Closely’: The First Year of the South Australian United Trades and Labor Council
Rod Feliningham

Education for Femininity: Domestic Arts Education in South Australia
Jill Matthews

The Tarring and Feathering of J. K. McDougall
Terry King

Radio as Popular Education
Lesley Johnson

The Fall of a Labor Government: Tasmania 1979-82
Scott Bennett

Biographical Note

Patricia Devanny
Jack Stephens


University of Wollongong Archives
John Shipp


The ACTU Congress of 1983
R. M. Martin

The Revival of the NSW Branch of the Australian Society for the Study of Labour History

Book Reviews

Bryan D. Palmer,The Making of E. P. Thompson. Marxism, Humanism, and History. (Andrew Milner)

Charles More,Skill and the English Working Class, 1870-1914. (Stuart Macintyre)

Ross M. Martin, TUC. The Growth of a Pressure Group 1868-1976. (Tom Sheridan)

John Crump,The Origins of Socialist Thought in Japan. (Stephen S. Large)

Les Waters,The Union of Christmas Island Workers. (J. G. Hunt)

Kay Saunders,Workers in Bondage. The Origins and Bases of Unfree Labour in Queensland 1824-1916. (Patricia Mercer)

Alex C. Castle,An Australian Legal History. (John Buchanan)

Michael Sturma,Vice, in a Vicious Society. Crime and Criminals in MidNineteenth Century New South Wales. (John Williams)

John Meredith,The Wild Colonial Boy. Bushranger Jack Donahoe, 1806-1830. (Warren Fahey)

Edmund Campion,Rockchoppers. Growing up Catholic in Australia. (Mark Lyons)

Margaret Bevege, Margaret James and Carmel Shute,Worth Her Salt. Women at Work in Australia. (Gillian Higginson)

Jan Carter,Nothing to Spare. Recollections of Australian Pioneering Women. (Judy Mackinolty)

Margaret Barbalet,Far from a Low Gutter Girl. The Forgotten World of State Wards. (Diane Kirkby)

Kate White,John Cain and Victorian Labor 1917-1957. (T. G. Parsons)

Warren Denning,Caucus Crisis. The Rise and Fall of the Scullin Government. (Peter Cook)

Gareth Evans, John Reeves and Justin Malbon,Labor Essays 1981; Gareth Evans and John Reeves Labor Essays 1982. (Ray Markey)

John Langmore and David Peetz,Wealth Poverty and Survival. Australia in the World. (Tom Critchley)

Peter King, Australia’s Vietnam. Australia in the Second Indo-China War. (Malcolm Saunders)

Brian Fitzpatrick and Rowan J. Cahill,The Seamen’s Union of Australia 1872-1972. (Claire Williams)

Robert Murray and Kate White,The Ironworkers. A History of the Federated Ironworkers’ Association of Australia. (Tom Sheridan)

Malcolm Waters,Strikes in Australia. A Sociological Analysis of Industrial Conflict. (Meredith Burgmann)

Les White,Wool in Wartime. A Study in Colonialism. (Gerald Walsh)

Suzanne Welborn,Lords of Death. A People A Place A Legend. (Michael McKeman)

R. Reece and R. Pascoe,A Place of Consequence. A Pictorial History of Fremantle. (Stuart Macintyre)

Dean Jaensch and Peter Loveday,Under One Flag. The 1980 Northern Territory Elections. (C. C. Macknight)