Journal Contents No. 46


Left off the Agenda: Women, Reconstruction and New Order Housing
Carolyn Allport

Labour and Immigration: Policy Formation 1943-5
Andrew Markus

Social Democracy and Full Employ-ment: The Australian White Paper, 1945
Laurel Black

Fourpenny Dark and Sixpenny Red
G. R. Henning

The 1918 Strike of the Medical Profession against the Friendly Societies in Victoria
David G. Green

The ALP Industrial Groups in Queensland
Douglas Blackmur


Labour History Records at the University of Newcastle
Denis Rowe

People’s History and Popular Culture
Alastair Davidson

Review Articles

Long Swings and Spatial Yard- Sticks: New Directions in American Labor History (2)
Christopher L. Tomfins

‘Sir John Did His Duty’: A Timely Conversation with Sir Garfield Barwick
Dennis H. Phillips

Book Reviews

Megan McMurchy, Margot Oliver and Jeni Thernley, For Love or Money. A Pictorial History of Women and Work in Australia. (Leonie Kite, Frances Sutherland)

Cynthia Cockburn, Brothers. Male Dominance and Technological Change. (Ray Markey)

Ailsa C. Thornson, Zainu’ddin, They Dreamt of a School. (J. Ann Hone)

Greg Crough and Ted Wheelwright, Australia. A Client State. (Jenny Lee)

E. L. Wheelwright and K. Buckley, Essays in the Political Economy of Australian Capitalism, Vol. 5. (Jenny Lee)

K. Buckley and K. Klugman, The History of Burns Philp. (Dorothy Shineberg)

A. T. Yarwood and M. J. Knowling, Race Relations in Australia. A History. (Andrew Markus)

Kenneth Maddock, The Australian Aborigines. (Athol Chase) Dean Jaensch, The Australian Party System. (Don Aitkin)

Marian Simms, A Liberal Nation. J. R. Nethercote, Parliament and Bureaucracy. (Pat Weller)

Bruce O’Meagher, The Socialist Objective. (Lenore Layman)

Andrew Parkin and John Warhurst, Machine Politics in the Australian Labor Party. (Frank Farrell)

John Reeves and K. Thomson, Labor Essa ‘ ys 1983. (Ray Markey)

Bill Ford and David Plowman, Australian Unions. (Greg Patmore)

Chris Fisher, Innovation and Australian Industrial Relations. (Michael Quinlan)

Issy Wyner, With Banner Unfurled. (Richard Morris)

Raymond Boryezka and Lorin Lee Cary, No Strength Without Union. (Frank Farrell)

Neil Stammers, Civil Liberties in Britain during the 2nd World War. (Ken Buckey)

Len Fox, Broad Left, Narrow Left. Len Fox, Multinationals Take Over Len Fox, Australia. (Rohan Cahill)

Frank Cain,The Origins of Political Surveillance in Australia. (Andrew Moore)

A. F. Howells,Against the Stream. (Wendy Lowenstein)

Stephen Humphries, Hooligans or Rebels? (Margaret Barbalet)

Michel Turner, Stuck! Murray Walker, Making Do. (Judy Mackinolty)

Frank Huelin,Keep Moving. (Wendy Lowenstein)

Alan Fitzgerald,The Italian Farming Soldiers. (Anne-Gabrielle Thompson)