Journal Contents No. 47


Childhood History as Ideology
Jan Kociumbas

‘Malingering’ and Convict Protest
W. Nichol

Building Societies and the Workers in Melbourne in the 1880s
R. V.Jackson

Racism, Socialism and the Labour Movement, 1887-1917
Verity Burgmann

Million Farms’ Campaign, N.S.W. 1919-25
Gary Lewis

Labour and Immigration 1946-9: The Displaced Persons Programme.
Andrew Markus

The State Labor Party’s Electoral Record in Rural New South Wales1904-1981
D. H. Clune

Review Articles

Allan Martin and Henry Parkes
John Ryan

History and Socialist Politics
John Buchanan and Bruce Smith


The Australian Society for the Study of Labour History – Fifteenth General Meeting


Denis Joseph Murphy
Douglas Blackmur, Brian Costar and Margaret Cribb

Book Reviews

Laburnore(Elsie Roughsey) An Aboriginal Mother Tells of the Old and the New. (Diane Bell)

Geoffrey Serle, John Monash. A Biography. (Michael McKernan)

B. A. Santamaria, Against the Tide. (1. R. Hancock)

Eric Fry, Rebels and Radicals. (Stephen Garton)

Gilbert Giles Roper, Labor’s Titan. The Story of Percy Brookfield, 1878-1921. (Eric Fry)

Doreen Bridges, Helen Palmer’s Outlook. (Eric Fry)

J. B. Hirst, Convict Society and its Enemies. (Michael Sturma)

A. J. C. Mayne, Fever, Squalor and Vice. Sanitation and Social Policy in Victorian Sydney. (judith Alien) Gerry Wotherspoon, Sydney’s Transport. (J. C. Docherty)

Bettina Cass et. al.,Why so Few? Women Academics in Australian Universities. (Diane Kirkby)

D. J. Murphy, The Big Strikes. Queensland 1889-1965. (Phillip Deery)

Brian J. Costar & Colin A. Hughes, Labor to Office. The Victorian State Election 1982. (T. G. Parsons)

Katrina Alford,Production or Reproduction? An Economic History of Women in Australia 1788-1850. (Shirley Fisher)

Roderick Floud & Donald McCloskey,The Economic History of Britain Since 1700, 2 vols. (Selwyn Cornish)

Keith Burgess,The Challenge of Labour: Shaping British Society 1850-1930. (Stuart Macintyre)

Alastair Davidson,The Theory and Practice of Italian Communism. (Robyn Dutton)

Eugene Forsey,Trade Unions in Canada 1812-1902. Paul Craven, ‘An Impartial Umpire’. Industrial Relations and the Canadian State 1900-1911. (Tom Sheridan)

Gregory S. Kealey & Bryan D. Palmer,Dreaming of What Might Be: The Knights of Labour in Ontario, 1880-1900. (Christopher L. Tomlins)

Keith Jeffrey & Peter Hennessy, States of Emergency. British Governments and Strikebreaking since 1919. (Cameron Hazlehurst)