Journal Contents No. 48


Continence for a Nation. Seminal Loss and National Vigour
David Walker

New Unionism in Australia, 1880-1900
Ray Markey

Soldier Settlement and the Australian Agrarian Myth after the First World War
Ken Fry

Women on the Northern Coalfields of NSW
Annette Salt

Company Time: Management, Ideology and the Labour Process, 1940-1960
Peter Cochrane

The Poor and Respectable Worker: on he introduction of social insurance in Germany
Heide Gerstenberger


Explaining the treatment of non-European immigrants in nineteenth century Australia
Andrew Markus


The Annual Conference of the Inter-national Association of Labour History Institutions, 25-28 September, 1984

Alistair Thomson

The Anne Conlon Memorial Lecture 1984

Education: What’s in it for Women and Girls:
Wendy McCarthy

Book Reviews

Silvia Lawson,The Archibald Paradox (Julian Croft)

Stuart Macintyre, Militant. The life and times of Paddy Troy (Lenore Layman)

Ralph Gibson, The People Stand Up (Craig Johnston)

Braharn Dabscheck, Arbitrator at Work (Jim Kitay)

Lucy Frost, No Place for a Nervous Lady (Marilyn Lake)

Flora Tristan, The Workers’ Union (Mandy Leveratt)

London Feminist History Group, The Sexual Dynamics of History (Jim Hammerton)

Lee Holcombe, Wives and Property (Hilary Golder)

J. F. C. Harrison, The Common People (lain McCalmon)

lan Watson, Song and Democratic Culture in Britain (Keith McKenry)

lain McLean, The Legend of Red Clydeside (Stuart Macintyre)

Peter Kingsford, The Hunger Marches in Britain, 1920-1940 (Nadia Wheatley)

James Jupp,The Radical Left in Britain, 1931-1941 (Jim Gilespie)

Bob Connell,Which Way is Up? (Clive S. Kessler)

R. S. Neale, History and Class (John Rickard)

Emmanuel Raynaud, Holy Virility (David Walker)

Kathryn Cronin, Colonial Casualties (Ann Curthoys)