Journal Contents No. 49


Popular attitudes to death and dissec-tion in early nineteenth century Britain: The Anatomy Act and the poor
John Knott

Medicine and the labour movement in New South Wales, 1788-1950
W. Nichol

Australia’s first Peace Movement?
Malcolm Saunders

New South Wales trade unions and the co-operative principle’ in the 1890s
Ray Markey

The Pastoral Workers’ Industrial Union, 1930-1937
Andrew Moore

Industrial action by women workers in Western Australia during World War II
Gail Reekie

Respectability, Property and Fertility: The development of official statistics about families in Australia
David Tait


Who our enemies are: Andrew Markus and the baloney view of Australian racism
Verity Burgmann


The ACTU Congress of 1985
R. M. Martin

Book Reviews

Roger B. Joyce, Samuel Walker Griffith (Andrew Frazer)

Jonathan Schneer, Ben Tillett. Portrait of a Labour Leader (C. J. McGuffle)

Roger Milliss, Serpent’s Tooth. An Autobiographical Novel Uohn Herouvirn)

William Dick, A Bunch of Ratbags (F. W. Kent)

Joan N. Burstyri,Victorian Education and the Ideal of Womanhood (Pat Jalland)

Jill Julius Matthews, Good and Mad Women. The historical construction of femininity in twentieth-century Australia (Alan Atkinson)

Rhonda Wilson, Good Talk. The extraordinary lives of ten ordinary Australian women (Marilyn Lake),

Kereen M. Reiger, The Disenchantment of the Home. Modernizing the Australian Family 1880-1940 (Michael Gilding)

Kay Daniels, So Much Hard Work. Women and Prostitution in Australian History (Jan Aitkin)

Peter Love, Labour and the Money Power-Australian Labour Populism 1890-1950 (T. H. Irving)

David G. Green and Lawrence G. Cromwell, Mutual Aid or WeTare State. Australia’s Friendly Societies (Jill Roe)

Margaret Hazzard,Punishment Short of Death. A history of the Penal Settlement at Norfolk Island (Sandra Blair)

Robin Walker,Under Fire. A History of Tobacco Smoking in Australia (Stephen Alornes)

Michael Symons, One Continuous Picnic. A History of Eating in Australia (Heather Gregory)

Peter Fryee, Staying Power. The History of Black People in Britain (Andrew Markus)

R. E. Pahl, Divisions of Labour (Katrina Alford)

T. M. Devine, Farm Servants and Labour in Lowland Scotland 1770-1914 (David Kent)

Patrick O’Farrell,Lettersfrom Irish Australia 1825-1929 (Pauric Travers)