Journal Contents No. 50


A Boom for Whom? Some developments in the Australian labour market, 1870-1891
Jenny Lee and Charles Fahey

Youth on Trial: The Mt Rennie Case
David Walker

Isaae Transported
Alan Atkinson

Socialism and Manhood: The case of Wdliam Lane
Marilyn Lake

Ideology. Theory and Mentality: Some issues in the historical study of ideology
Robert S. Stuart

‘Millenium or Pandemonium?’: Radicalism in the Labour Movement, Svdney. 1889-1899
Bruce Scates

‘No more Arnazons’: Gender and work process in the Victorian clothing trades, 1890-1939
Raelene Francis

Feminists, Food and the Fair Price: The cost of living demonstrations in Melbourne. August- September 1917
Judith Smart

Gender, Class and Work: The Council of Action for Equal Pay and the equal pay campaign in Australia during World War II
Penelope Johnson

Feminist History
Jill Matthews