Journal Contents No. 53


‘Humanising Industry’: Paternalism, Welfarism and Labour Control in Sydney’s Big Stores, 1890-1930
Gail Reekie

Scientific Management and the 44-Hour Week
Chris Nyland

‘Once a Drunkard Always a Drunkard’: Social Reform and the Problem of ‘Habitual Drunkenness’ in Australia, 1880 – 1914
Stephen Garton

A Paradigm of Consent: Explanations of Working Class Moderation in South Australia
John Manna

Strike-bound in Cape Town, 1925; Responses Aboard an Australian Migrant Ship
Michael Roe

Minding Children or Minding Machines Women’s Labour and Child Care during World War II
Lynne Davis

Planners and the Australian Labour Market, 1945-1949
Tom Sheridan


Labor Leaders Who Betrayed Their Trust
Clyde Cameron

The ACTU Congress of 1987
R. M. Martin

Review Article

Jean and Richard Ely (eds), Lionel Murphy: The Rule of Law
J F Staples

Book Reviews

Robert Hughes,The Fatal Shore. A history of the transportation of convicts to Australia, 1787-1868 (Jan Kociumbas)

Stuart Macintyre,The Oxford History of Australia, Volume 4. 1901-1942. The succeeding age (K. Buckley)

Patrick O’Farrell,The Irish in Australia (Roslyn Pesman Cooper)

John Merritt,The Making of the AWU (John Rickard)

John Ramsland,Children of the Backlanes. Destitute and neglected children in colonial New South Wales (Arm O’Brien)

Raymond Evans,Loyalty and Disloyalty. Social conflict on the Queensland home front: 1914-18 (Judith Smart)

Bede Nairn,‘The Big Fella’.. Jack Lang and the Australian Labor Party 1891-1949 (Don Rawson)

Jill Roe(comp. and ed.), Unemployment. Are there lessons from history? (Carl Bridges and Paul Burns)

Helen Jones,In Her Own Name. Women in South Australian history (Madge Dawson)

Bill Lancaster and Tony Mason(eds), Life and Labour in a Twentieth Century City. The experience of Coventry (Pat Thane)

Andrei S. Markovits,The Politics of West German Trade Unions- Strategies of class and interest representation in growth and crisis (John Moses)

Leonie Foster,High Hopes. The men and motives of the Australian Round Table (Michael Roe)

Ann Curthoys and John Merritt(eds), Better Dead than Red. Australia ~ first cold war: 1945-1959, vol. 2 (Frank Cain)

Frank Crowley,Tough Times. Australia in the seventies (Malcolm Saunders)

Martin Lawn(ed.), The Politics of Teacher Unionism. International perspectives (Bruce Mitchell)

Garry Wotherspoon(ed.), Being Different. Nine gay men remember (Jeffrey Weeks)

Philip S. Foner and Reinhard Schultz, The Other America. Art and the Labour Movement in the United States (Graham White)

Andrew Markus, Bloodfrom a Stone. William Cooper and the Australian A borigines’ League (Ann McGrath)