Journal Contents No. 54


Aboriginal Adaptation to early Colonial Labour Markets: the South Australian experience
Alan Pope

Solidarity and Sectionalism. in the Sydney Building Trades: the Role of the Build- ing Trades Council, 1886-1895
Alice Coolican

Medical Markets and Australian Medical Politics, 1920-1945
James Gillespie

Challenging the Centre-the Coburg ALP Branch in the 1930s
Carolyn Rasmussen

Labor Vacates the Bush: the Eclipse of Working Class Values in Victoria’s Western District
P. R. Hay

‘Doing Something for the Workers . . .’? The Establishment of Port Moresby’s Central District Waterside Workers’ Union
Michael Hess

The Anne Conlon Memorial Lecture 1987

Women in the Arts
Di Yerbury


The Adelaide Branch of the Australian Society for the Study of Labour History
Tom Sheridan

Madge Dawson’s Eightieth Birthday
Jill Roe

Book Reviews

Australians. A historical library:Australians To 1788; Australians 1838; Australians 1888; Australians 1938; Australians From 1939 (Heather Goodall, Paula Hamilton, Andrew Moore, Anne O’Brien, John Shields)

T. P. Boland,James Duhig (Duncan Waterson)

Barry Gustafson,From the cradle to the grave. A biography of Michael Joseph Savage (Tom Brooking)

Russel Ward,Finding Australia. The History of Australia to 1821 (Paula Jane Byrne)

John Ritchie,Lachlan Macquarie. A Biography (T. G. Parsons)

Clive Moore,Kanaka. A History of Melanesian Mackay (Beverley Kingston) Henry Reynolds, Frontier (Arm McGrath)

Marilyn Lake,The limits of hope. Soldier settlement in Victoria 1915-38 (Lenore Layman)

Bill Gammage,Narrandera Shire (Jim Hagan)

John Barrett, We were there: Australian soldiers of World War II (Peter Stanley)

Robert Manne, The Petrov affair. Politics and espionage (John Warhurst)

Charles Lindsey and Lorna Duffin(eds), Women and Work in Pre-industrial England (Patricia Crawford)

Logie Barrow,Independent Spirits. Spiritualism and English Plebeians 1850-1910 (AI Gabay)

Williarn Kaplan,Everything That Floats: Pat Sullivan, Hal Banks and the Seamen’s Unions of Canada (G. R. Henning)

Roger Fletcher(ed.), Bernstein to Brandt. A Short History of German Social Democracy (Carole E. Adams)

Raymond A. Mohl and Neil Betten,Steel City. Urban and Ethnic Patterns in Gary, Indiana, 1906-1950 (Beverley Burgmann)

Alan Moorehead,The Fatal Impact. An Account of the Invasion of the South Pacific 1767-1840 (Caroline Ralston)