Journal Contents No. 55


Aboriginal Communists
Russel Ward

A strange, wild set? Cedar-cutters on the Macleay, Nambucca and Bellinger Rivers, 1838 to 1848
Norma Townsend

The Ongins of the Labor Party in the Southern Wheatbelt of New Southles, 1891-1913
B. Ellem, J. Hagan and K. Turner

Job Control for Workers’ Health: The 1908 Sydney Rockchoppers’ Strike
Peter Sheldon

The Formative Years of Management Control at the Newcastle Steelworks, 1913 – 1924
Christopher Wright

The Incorrigible Waterfront and its Decline: Inquiries and Royal Commissions into ex-officio Payments and IllegalActivities, 1958-1984
Richard Morris


The Australian Society for the Study of Labour History- Seventeenth General Meeting


Stephen Murray-Smith
Noel McLachlan

Book Reviews

Ray Markey,The Making of the Labor Party in New South Wales, 1880-1900 (Bede Nairn)

Ken Buckley and Ted Wheelwright, No Paradisefor Workers. Capitalism and the Common People in Australia 1788-1914 (Paul Ashton)

Henry Reynolds,The Law of the Land (Heather Goodall)

Ann McGrath, ‘Born in the Cattle’. A borikines in Cattle Country (Diane Menghetti) C. M. H. Clark, A History of Australia: Volume VI: ‘The old dead tree and the )oung tree green’ 1916-1935 (Bill Cope)

Mark J. Hammond,Remembered with Pride. The Recollections of an Australian Gold-digger (Matthew Higgins)

Mark Finnane(ed.), Policing in Australia. Historical Perspectives (David Philips) Heather Ashford (ed.), The Diary of Evelyn Barwick Uohn Merritt)

David Montgomery,The Fall of the House of Labor. The Workplace, the State and American Labor Activism 1865-1925 (Christopher Tornlins)

Traditionsfor Reform in New South Wales. Labor History Essays (Rodney Cavalier)

Amirah Inglis, Australians in the Spanish Civil War (Peter Love)

Judith Keene,The Last Mile to Huesca. An Australian Nurse in the Spanish Civil War (Len Fox)

Murray Goot,Swings and Roundabouts. New South Wales By-Elections 1941-1986 (David Black)

Gregory Pernberton, All the Way. Australia’s Road to Vietnam (Roger Bell)

Carolyn Polizzotto,The Factory Floor. A Visual and Oral Record 1900-1960 (Lucy Taksa)

Barbara Caine, Destined to be Wives. The Sisters of Beatrice Webb; and Pat jalland, Women, Marriage and Politics 1860-1914 (Penny Russell)

Mary Lynn Stewart-McDougall,The Artisan Republic: Revolution, Reaction and Resistance in Lyon, 1848-1851 (Bill Edmonds)

Evan Mawdsley,The Russian Civil War (David Christian)

Shelton Stromquist,A Generation of Boomers. The Pattern of Railroad Labor Conflict in Nineteenth Century America (Greg Patmore)

Robb Watts,The Foundations of the National Weffiare State (Claudia Thame)