Journal Contents No. 56


Controlling the Victims: the Authorities and the Unemployed in Queensland during the Great Depression
Brian Costar

The ‘Greatest Menace Facing Australia’: homosexuality and the State in NSW during the Cold War
Garry Wotherspoon

Politics in the Oxley Region, 1894-1920
R. G. Castle and S. Hagan

In Division is Strength: Unionism among Sydney Labourers, 1890-1910
Peter Sheldon

The Youth Carnival for Peace and Friendship, March 1952
Scott Poyntz . ng

Labour Records in the Mitchell Library, State Library of NSW
James Andrighetti


Aboriginal Communists or Primitive Analysis? Comments on Russel Ward’s Aboriginal Communists’, Labour History, November, 1988
Heather Goodall

A Mild Rejoinder to a Severe Castigation
Russel Ward

Book Reviews

Verity Burgmann and Jenny Lee(eds), A People’s History of Australia since 1788: A Most Valuable Acquisition; Making a Life; Staining the Wattle; Constructing a Culture (Judith Alien and Kay Ferres)

Erik Olssen,The Red Feds: Revolutionary Industrial Unionism and the New Zealand Federation of Labour 1908-14 (Robin Gollan)

Edgar Ross,These things shall be!Bob Ross, Socialist Pioneer-His Life and Times (Andrew Moore)

Beverley Kingston,The Oxford History of Australia, Vol. 3, 1860-1900, Glad, Confident Morning Uohn Hirst)

Claire Williams,Blue, White and Pink Collar Workers in Australia. Technicians, Bank Employees and Flight Attendants (Rosemary Pringle)

Joan Clarke, Just Us: The History of the Association of Civilian Widows in Australia (Mary Smith)

Heather Radi(ed.), 200 Australian Women. A Redress Anthology (Sue Wills)

Anne O’Brien,Poverty’s Prison. The Poor in New South Wales 1880-1918 (Shirley Fitzgerald)

Raymond Evans,The Red Flag Riots: A Study of Intolerance (Paul Mansfield)

Michael Cathcart,Defending the National Tuckshop. Australia’s secret army intrigue of 1931 (Raymond Evans)

Shirley FitzgeraldRising Damp: Sydney 1870-90 (C. T. Stannage)

Mark Bray and Malcolm Rimmer,Delivering the Goods: A History of the Transport Workers’ Union in New South Wales 1888-1986 (Mark Hearn)

John O’Brien,A Divided Unity! Politics of N.S.W. teacher militancy since 1945 (Rowan Cahill)

Gregory S. Kealey(ed.), Class, Gender and Religion: Essays in Canadian Historical Sociology (Bettina Bradbury)

Patrick Joyce(ed.), The Historical Meanings of Work (Charlie Fox)