Journal Contents No. 57


The Maltese, White Australia, and Con-scription: ‘Il-tfal ta Billy Hughes’
Barry York

Radical Departures: Paul Freeman and Political Deportation from Australia following World War One
Raymond Evans

Women’s Wages in Britain and Australia during the First World War
jennifer Crew

The Federal Conciliation and Arbitration Court in the Late 1920s
Laura Bennett

Anatomy of a Steel Works: The Aus-tralian Iron and Steel Company, Port Kembla, 1935-1939
Peter Cochrane

*Protect the Newcastle Steelworks’: BHP, the Trade Unions and National Security, 1939-1940
Warwick Eather


Youth and the Australian Peace Move-ment: A Reply to Scott Poynting
Malcolm Saunders and Ralph Summy

A New Tradition or a Continuity in the Australian Peace Movement? Reply to Saunders and Summy
Scott Poynting


A Comment on the the Australian-Canadian Labour History Conference, Sydney University, 12-16 December 1988
Gerry Friesen

A Response to the Australian-Canadian Labour History Conference, Sydney University, 12-16 December 1988
Peter Love

Book Reviews

W H. Wilde,Courage A Grace. A Biography of Dame Mary Gilmore (Joy Damousi)

Ann Curthoys,For and Against Feminism. A personal journey into feminist theory and history (Desley Deacon)

Geoff Burrows and Clive Morton,The Canecutters (Alfred W McCoy)

Tom Cochrane,Blockade. The Queensland Loans Affair, 1920 to 1924 (Ken Buckley)

Geoffrey Serle(ed.), Australian Dictionary of Biography, volume ll: 1891-1939, NesSmi (D. W A. Baker)

Gavin Souter,Acts of Parliament: A Narrative History of the Senate and House of Representatives, Commonweallth of Australia (R. E 1. Smith)

Margaret Luers, Laureate of Labor. A Biography off K. McDougall, Socialist and Poet (Duncan Waterson)

Rosemary Campbell,Heroes & Lovers. A question of national identity (Diane Collins)

Rosalind E. Boyd, Robin Cohen and Peter C. W Gutkind(eds), International Labour and the Third World. The Making of a New Working Class;Robin Cohen,The New Melots. Migrants in the International Division of Labour (Ted Wheelwright)

W Hamish Fraser,Conflict and Class. Scottish Workers 1700-1838;John Holford,Reshaping Labour: Organisation, Work and Politics, Edinburgh in the Great War and After;James D. Young,Making Trouble. Autobiographical Explorations and Socialism (Eric Richards)

Malcolm Chase,‘The People Farm.’ English Radical Agrarianism 1775-1840 (K. K. Macnab)

lan Radforth,Bushworkers and Bosses: Logging in Northern Ontario, 1900-1980 (Barrie Dyster)

Roger Bourderon and Ivan Avakournovitch,Detruire Le PCF Archives de lEtat francais et de lloccupant hitlerien 1940-1944 (Charles Sowerwine)

Dieter Fricke,Handbuch zur Geschichte der deutschen Arbeiterbewegung Uurgen Tampke)