Journal Contents No. 58


ASIO and the Australian Labour Move-ment-An Historical Perspective
Frank Cain

State Bureaucracy and Social Science: Child Welfare in NSW, 1915-1940
Robert van Krieken

Aspects of Working-Class Life in In-dustrial Sydney in 1913
Robin Walker

‘Rats’, ‘Scabs’, ‘Soolers’ and ‘Sinn Feiners’: A Reassessment of the Role of the Labour Movement in the Conscription Crisis in Western Australia, 1916-17
Bobbie 0liver

Not Apocalypse Now: Government-Spon-sored Australian Entertainers in Vietnam, 1965-71
Ann-Mari Jordens

The Public Good’: Competing Visions of Freedom in Early Colonial New South Wales
Paula Jane Byrne

Reports And Essays

Report on the ACTU Congress, 1989
Ross Martin

The Amsterdam Archive
Peter Beilharz


Gordon Childe on Australia’s Class Structure in 1957
Terry Irving

Australia Today is far from a Socialist Society
Gordon Childe

Book Reviews

Noel McLachlan, Waitingfor the Revolution: A history of Australian nationalism (Beverley Kingston)

Stephen Alomes,A Nation at Last? The changing character of Australian nationalism, 1880-1988 (Richard Ely)

Ross Fitzgerald and Harold Thornton,Labour in Queensland from the 1880s to 1988;Stuart Svensen,The Shearers’ War: The story of the 1891 shearers’ strike (Martin Sullivan)

W G. McMinn,George Reid (Brian Dickey)

Gerhard Fischer,Enemy Aliens: Internment and the homefront experience in Australia, 1914-1920 (Charlotte Carr-Gregg)

Andrew Moore,The Secret Army and the Premier: Conservative Paramilitary organisations in New South Wales, 1930-32 (John McCarthy)

Tom Sheridan,Division of Labour: Industrial relations in the Chifley Years, 1945-1949 (Ken Buckley)

Anne Atkinson,Asian immigrants to Western Australia;John Lack and Jacqueline Templeton, Sources of Australian Immigration History, 1901-1945;Katherine Betts,Ideology and Immigration: Australia 1976 to 1987 (Geoffrey Sherington)

Jeff Collmann,Fringe-Dwellers and Welfare: the Aboriginal response to bureaucracy (Martin Mowbray)

Braham Dabscheck,Australian Industrial Relations in the 1980s (Tom Sheridan)

Bradon Ellern,In Women’s Hands? A history of clothing trades unionism in Australia (Laura Bennett)

Michael Hess,From Fragmentation to Unity (Issy Wyner)

Ric Throssell,My Father’s Son (Andrew Moore)

Bryan D. Palmer(ed.), A Communist Life:jack Scott and the Canadian workers’ movement, 1927-1985;John Sendy,Ralph Gibson: An extraordinary Communist (Eric Fry)

Phyl Garrick and Chris Jeffery,Fremantle Hospital: A social history to 1987 (Anthea Hyslop)

Bryce Moore,A Superior Kind of Savings Bank: Perth Building Society 1862-1987 (Maurice French)

Judith Fingard,The Dark Side of Life in Victorian Halifax (Judith Godden)

Alan Derickson,Workers’ Health, Workers’ Democracy: The Western Miners’ Struggle, 1891-1925 (Milton Lewis)

G. Cross(ed.), Worktime and Industrialization: An international history