Journal Contents No. 59


Never favoured and now forgotten: aTribute to a ‘Good Labor Man’
Malcolm Saunders

Building the Nation: Silences and Marginalities concerning the representa-non of workers in monuments
Chilla Bulbeck

BHP, the intransigent Rank and File and the 1943 lockout at the Newcastle Steelworks
Warwick Eather

Socialism and Feminism: the case of William Lane. A reply to Marilyn Lake
Bruce Scates

A New Era of Existence: Convict transportation and the authority of the Surgeon in colonial Australia
Kim Humphery

Roots of Racism: the Chinese experience in early Brisbane, 1848-1860
Rod Fisher

The shearing labour process, 1900-1914
Kosmas Tsokhas


The Australian Society for the Study of Labour History- Eighteenth General Meeting

Reports from Branches of the Australian Society for the Study of Labour History

Book Reviews

Andrew Wells,Constructing Capitalism: An economic history of eastern Australia, 1788-1901 (Bill Thorpe)

Chris Nyland,Reduced Worktime and the Management of Production (Warwick Eather)

Stephen Garton,Out of Luck: Poor Australians and Social WeTare, 1788-1988 (janet McCalman)

Alan Atkinson,Camden (Deborah Oxley)

Stuart Macintyre and Richard Mitchell(eds), The Origins and Effects of State Compulsory Arbitration, 1890-1914 (Raelene Frances)

John E. Martin,Tatau Tatau-One Big Union Altogether: The shearers and the early years of the New Zealand Workers’ Union (Mark Bray)

John Laurent(ed), Tom Mann~ Social and Economic Writings: A preSyndicalist selection (Graeme Osborne)

Andrew Spaull and Martin Sullivan,A History of the Queensland Teachers’ Union (Diane Menghetti)

L.E Crisp(edited by John Hart), Federation Fathers (Brian Dickey)

G.S. Reid and Martyn Forrest, Australia’s Commonwealth Parliament, 1901-1988: Ten Perspectives (Heather Gardner)

Heather Radi(ed), Jessie Street: Documents and Essays (Barbara Dale)

Bruce Muirden, The Diggers Who Signed on for More: Australia ‘s part in the Russian wars of intervention, 1918-1919 (John Perkins)

Geoffrey Bolton,The Oxford History of Australia, volume 5, 1942-1988, The Middle Way (Ken Buckley)

Michael Easson(ed), McKell: The achievements of Sir William McKell (Carolyn Allport)

Jack Kane,Exploding the Myths: The political memoirs of Jack Kane (Tom Sheridan)

Barry York,Student Revolt! La Trobe University, 1967 to 1973 (Rowan Cahill)

Steve Hawke and Michael Gallagher,Noonkanbah: Whose land, whose law (Martin Mowbray)

S. L. Goldberg and F. B. Smith(eds), Australian Cultural History (Richard Ely)

Boris Kagarlitsky, The Dialectic o Change (Steve Cooper and Bruce McFarlane)

Gregory S. Kealey and Reg Whitaker(eds), RCMP Security Bulletins: The war series, 1939-1941 (Frank Cain)