Journal Contents No. 6


Note on the Industrial Workers of the World
Roger Coates
pp. 25-8

The Victorian Labour Guild of Youth, 1926-8
N. W. Saffin
pp. 38-42

An Incident at Minmi, 1895
J. W. Turner
pp. 3-9

Federal Labor and the Public Corporation under Matthew Charlton
R. L. Wettenhall
pp. 10-24

“White Collars” Make Council
Rees D. Williams
pp. 29-37


Parliamentary Papers of NSW, 1856-1900
E. C. Fry
pp. 43-56

Australian Labour Movement in British journals
J. D. Playford
p. 57


G. C. Bolton A Thousand Miles Away Brisbane 1963 (Joe Harris) pp. 61-4.

Robin Gollan The Coalminers of New South Wales: A History of the Union, 1860-1960 Melbourne 1963 (Stanley A. Vining) pp. 66-70.

J. T. Lang The Great Bust: The Depression of the Thirties Sydney 1962 (R. J. Cooksey) pp. 64-6.