Journal Contents No. 60


Socialist Women and Gendered Space: The Anti-Conscription and Anti-War Campaigns of 1914-1918
Joy Damousi

*Defence Not Defiance’: Social Protest and the NSW General Strike of 1917
Lucy Taksa

The Origins of Unemployment Insurance in Queensland 1919-1922
Carmel Black

.A Chance to be Decent’: Northern Territory ‘Half-Caste’ Girls in Service in South Australia 1916-1939
Tony Austin

Overt and Covert Military Involvement in the 1890 Maritime Strike and 1913 Waterfront Strike in New Zealand
John Crawford

Transported Workers: The Case of Mayhew versus Mayhew
Barrie Dyster

Commemorative Address

*A Man is Never Dead Until He Is Forgotten’: David Temple, Founder of the ASU
Clyde Cameron


The Vere Gordon Childe Centenary Conference
Peter Beilharz

The Adelaide Branch of the Australian Society for the Study of Labour History
Tom Sheridan


Socialism and Manhood: A Reply to Bruce Scates
Marilyn Lake

Socialism and Manhood: A Rejoinder
Bruce Scates

ASIO and the Security State: A Reply to Frank Cain
Jenny Hocking

Book Reviews

Susan Janson and Stuart Macintyre(eds), Through White Eyes; Andrew Markus, Governing Savages; Henry Reynolds, With the White People (Arm McGrath)

Belinda Probert, Working Life.. Arguments about work in Australian society;Evan Willis(ed.), Technology and the Labour Process.. Australian case studies;Charlie Fox and Marilyn Lake(eds), Australians at Work.. Commentaries and sources (Lucy Taksa)

R.C. McCallum, M.J Pittard, G.F. Smith, Australian Labour Law.. Case and materials (J.W. Shaw)

Therese Radic(comp.), Songs of Australian Working Life (Peter Love)

John E. Martin, The Forgotten Worker.. The rural wage-earner in nineteenth century New Zealand (John Merritt)

Andrew Metcalfe, For Freedom and Dignity.. Historical agency and class structures in the coalfields of N.S. W. (John Turner)

Baruch Hirson, Yours for the Union: Class and community struggles in South Africa (Penny Andrews)

Rupert Lockwood, Ship to Shore (Rowan Cahill)

John Ritchie(ed.), Australian Dictionary of Biography. Vol. 12, 1891-1939, Smy-Z (John Shields)

Clyde Cameron, The Confessions of Clyde Cameron, 1913-1990;Clyde Cameron, The Cameron Diaries (Robin Gollan)

David Plowman, Holding the Line.. Compulsory arbitration and national employer co-ordination in Australia (Julian Teicher)

Diane Menghetti, I Remember.. Memories of Charters Towers (Charlie Fox)

Kate Darian-Smith, On the Home Front.. Melbourne in wartime, 1939-1945 (Judith Smart)

Judith A. Allen, Sex and Secrets.. Crime involving Australian women since 1880 (Marian Aveling)

Sophie Watson(ed.), Playing the State.. Australian feminist interventions (Josie Castle)

Gwynneth Singleton, The Accord and the Australian Labour Movement (Gerard Griffin)

Marcel van der Linden and Wayne Thorpe(eds), Revolutionary Syndicalism: An international perspective (Erik Olssen)

Boris Kagarlitsky,The Dialectic of Change (Steve Cooper and Bruce McFarlane)

Barrie Dyster,Servant and Master.. Building and running the grand houses of Sydney, 1788-1850 (Penny Russell)

J.B. Hirst,The Strange Birth of Colonial Democracy.. New South Wales, 1848-1884 (Hilary Golder)

Paul Ashton,Waving the Waratah: Bicentenary New South Wales (David Goodman)

Lenore Layman and Tom Stannage(eds), Celebrations in Western Australian History (Paul Ashton)

K.S. Inglis(ed.), Nation. The Life of an Independent Journal of Opinion, 1958-1972 (fill Roe)

S.L. Goldberg and F.B. Smith(eds), Australian Cultural History (Richard Ely)

Gregory S. Kealey and Reg Whitaker(eds), R.C.M.P Security Bulletins. The War Series, 1939-1941 (Frank Cain)