Journal Contents No. 62


Operation Alien and the Cold War In Australia, 1950-53
Les Louis

Making Labour Laws fit for the Colonies: the Introductions of Laws regulating Whaling in three Australian Colonies, 1835-1855
Michael Quinlan

A Compromise with Conscience: the Reception of Female Immigrant Domestic Servants in Eastern Australia. 1860-1890
Jan Gothard

The Work of Policing: Social Relations and the Criminal Justice System in Queensland, 1880-1914 (part 1)
Mark Finnane and Stephen Garton

Control in the Shearing Shed: the Introduction of Machinery and Changing Workplace Relations in New Zealand
John Martin

Australian Catholic Corporatism: Proposals for Industrial Councils in the 1940’s
Michael Hogan

Parliamentary and Extra-Parliamentary Labor: New South Wales 1941-1965
David Clune

Commemorative Address

The 1891 Shearers Strike leaders: Rallroaded?
Geoffrey Bolton and Helen Gregory

Research Notes

BHP Newcastle Steelworks’ Management and the 1945 Steel Strike – a Note
Warwick Eather

Trotskyism in Australia – Notes from a talk with Ted Tripp (1976)
Peter Beilharz


The ACTU Congress of 1991
Ross Martin

Freedom’s on the Wallaby
Frank Bongiorno

ASSLH Conference: Melbourne Trades Hall, 1991
Andrew Moore


Peter Cook
Peter Love

Book Reviews

Charlie Fox, Working Australia; Greg Patmore, Australian Labour History (Deborah Oxley)

Lydia Potts, The World Labour Market: A History of Migration (Kay Saunders)

Michael Easson(ed.), The Foundations of Labour; Australian Labor Party, New South Wales Branch, Bede Nairn and Labor History (Peter Sheldon)

Michael Costa and Mark Duffy, Labor, Prosperity and the Nineties: Beyond the Bonsai Economy (Howard Guille)

Marian Aveling and Joy Damousi(eds), Stepping out of History.- Documents of Women at Work in Australia (Penny Russell)

Desley Deacon, Managing Gender: The State, the New Middle Class and Women Workers, 1830-1930 (Sandra Stanley Holton)

Michael Gilding, The Making and Breaking of the Australian Family; Kerreen Reiger, Family Economy;Marjorie Theobald and R.JW. Selleck(eds), Family, School and State in Australian History (Marian Aveling)

Stuart MacIntyre, Colonial Liberalism.. The Lost World of Three Victorian Visionaries (Alan Atkinson)

John Docker, The Nervous Nineties.. Australian Cultural Life in the 1890s (Diane Kirkby)

Jenny Lee, Philip Mead and Gerald Murnane(eds), The Temperament of Generations.. Fifty, Years of Writing in Meanjin (David Walker)

Michael Hogan(ed.) Justice Now! Social Justice Statements of the Australian Catholic Bishops. First Series, 1940-1966 (Tom Sheridan)

Robin Walker and Dave Roberts, From Scarcity to surfeit A History of Food and Nutrition in New South Wales (Beverley Kingston)

Linda Bryder(ed.), A Healthy Country.. Essays on the Social History of Medicine in New Zealand (Judith Smart)

Barry Reay, The Last Rising of the Agricultural Labourers: Rural Life and Protest in Nineteenth Century England (Paul A. Pickering)

Deian R. Hopkin and Gregory S. Kealey(eds), Class, Community, and the Labour Movement: Wales and Canada 1850-1930 (Rick Szostak)