Journal Contents No. 63


The Independence of Women and the Brotherhood of Man: Debates in the Labor Movement Over Equal Pay and Motherhood Endowment in the 1920s
Marilyn Lake

Means and Ends: The Ideology of Dr Lloyd Ross
Mark Hearn

The Work of Policing: Social Relations and the Criminal Justice System in Queensland 1880-1914 Part 11
Mark Finanne and Stephen Garton

Making Clerks and Re-Shaping the White- Collar Workforce in the Twentieth Century
Melanie Nolan

Masculine Power and Virile Syndicalism: A Gendered Analysis of the IWW in Australia
Francis Shor

Spelling, Go-Slows, Gliding Away and Theft: Informal control over work on the New Zealand waterfront, 1915-1951
Anna Green

Arbitration, Legislation and Industrial Peace: Queensland in the Reconstruction Years
Douglas Blackmur

Conflict, Coercion and Co-Option. The Role of Full-time Officials in the South Australian Branch of the Vehicle Builders Employees’ Federation, 1967-80
Thomas Bramble

‘Good Women and Good Nurses’ Conflicting Identities in the Victorian Nurses Strike, 1985-86
Judith Bessant


Whitlam Re-Visited?
Peter Beilharz

Forthcoming Conference

National Conferenceof the Australian Society for the Study of Labour History –

Book Reviews

Michael Hess, Unions under Economic Development: Private Sector Unions
in Papua New Guinea (Donald Denoon)

David Neal, The Rule of Law in a Penal Colony: Law and Power in Early New
South Wales;Alistair Davidson, The Invisible State: The Formation of the
Australian State, 1788-1901 (Ken Buckley)

John Lack, A History of Footscray (Stephen Garton)

Pam Young, Proud to be a Rebel: The Life and Times of Emma Miller
(Joy Damousi)

Diane Kirkby, Alice Henry.. The Power of Pen and Voice: The Life of an
Australian-American Labour Reformer (Renate Howe)

Ross McMullin, The Light on the Hill: The Australian Labor Party, 1891-1991 (John

James Jupp, Inimigration.. Australian Retrospectives (David Meredith)

John E. Martin and Kerry Taylor(eds), Culture and the Labour Movement:
Essays in New Zealand Labour History (Lucy Taksa)

Trevor Herbert(ed), Bands.. The Brass Band Movement in the 19th and 20th
Centuries (Michael Sturma)

John A. Moses, Trade Union Theory from Marx to Walesa (Robert V. Horn)

Jim Fyrth with Sally Alexander(eds), Women’s Voices from the Spanish Civil
War; Gareth Thornas, The Novel of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1975) (Judith