Journal Contents No. 64

Andrew Metcalfe
Mud and Steel: The Imagination of Newcastle

Jan KoCiumbas
Science as Cultural Ideology: Museums and Mechanics’ Institutes in Early NSW and Van Diemen’s Land

Chris Wright
Taylorism Reconsidered: The Impact of Scientific Management Within the Australian Workplace

Barbara Curthoys
The Communist Party of Australia and the Communist International (1927-1929)

Richard Morris
From the Webbs to Scullin: The Appearance of Industrial Relations as a Branch of Knowledge in Australia

Julie-Ann Ellis
‘Cross-firing over the Gulf The Rift between Methodism and the Labour Movement in South Australia in the 1890s

Laurence Maker
The Lapstone Experiment and the Beginnings of ASIO


Clyde Cameron
ALP and the Unions – Past, Present and the Future


Remaking the Working Class – in Detroit
Terry Irving

The Australian Society for the Study of Labour History: International Links
Lucy Taksa

Australia and the History of the Comintern
Frank Cain

Archive Notes

The Comintern Archives, Moscow
Kerry Taylor

Branch Report

Paul Smythe

Book Reviews

Peter Bellharz, Mark Considine and Rob Watts, Arguing About the Welfare State: The Australian Experience; Robert Van Krieken, Children and the State: Social Control and the Formation of Australian Child Welfare (Anne O’Brien)

Frank Brennan, Sharing the Country: The Case for an Agreement between Black and White Australians; Frank Brennan, Land Rights Queensland Style: The Struggle for Aboriginal Self-Management (Bruce Scates)

Martyn Lyons and Lucy Taksa, Australian Readers Remember.. An Oral History of Reading, 1890-1930 (Baiba Berzins)

Stephen Alomes and Catherine Jones(ed), Australian Nationalism; A Documentary History; Brian Hocking (ed), Australia Towards 2000 (John McQuilton)

Grace Karskens, Holroyd.. A Social History of Western Sydney (Richard Broome)

Bob Reece(ed), Exiles from Erin: Convict Lives in Ireland and Australia (Martin Sullivan)

Rosemary Broornham, Steady Revolutions: The Australian Institute ofMartne and Power Engineers, 1881-1990 (A.R. Shorten)

James A. Gillesple, The Price of health: Australian Governments and Medical Politics, 1910-1960 (Brian Dickie)

Carolyn Rasmussen, The Lesser Evil? Opposition to War and Fascism in Australia, 1920-1941 (Raymond Evans)

V.L. Allen, The History of Black Mineworkers in South Africa, volume I, The Techniques of Resistance, 1871-1948 (Andrew Metcalfe)

Paul Krause,The Battle for Homestead, 1880-1892; Politics, Culture and Steel; David Demarest et al, The River Ran Red: Homestead 1892 (Jim Kitay)

James Naylor, The New Democracy: Challenging the Social Order in Industrial Ontario, 1914-1925 (Greg Patmore)

Terry Brotherstone and Paul Dukes(ed), The Trotsky Reappraisal (Garry Hill and Bruce McFarlane)

Mark Swenaton, Artisans and Architects: The Ruskintan Tradition in Architectural Thought (Trevor Hogan)