Journal Contents No. 66


Ideology And The Labour Movement

Labourism: a Political Genealogy
Terry Irving

Class, Populism and Labour Politics in Victoria, 1890-1914
Frank Bongiorno

Keynesianism, Socialism and Labourism and the Role of Ideas in Labor Ideology
Tim Battin

A Century of Laborism and the State, 1891 – 1993: An Historical Interpretation
Neil Massey

We are of Age’: Class, Locality and Region at Port Kembla, 1900-1940
Erik Eklund

Researching Industrial Relations History: The Development of a Database on Australian Trade Unions 1825-1900
Michael Quinlan and Margaret Gardner


Loyalty and Communists: an interview with Bill Gollan
John Murphy


International Women’s Day in Newcastle in the Fifties and Sixties: A Personal Account
Barbara Curthoys

Research Note

Forthcoming: A Bibliography of Australian Communism
Beverley Symons

Archive Note

Postcard from California: the Hoover Institute
Peter Beilharz

Conference Reports

The ACTU Congress of 1993
Ross Martin

Australian Canadian Labour History Conference
Greg Kealey and Greg Patmore

The Australian Society for the Study of Labour History: International Links
Suzanne Jamieson

Book Reviews

Lynette Finch, The Classing Gaze: Sexuality, Class and Surveillance (Gail Reekie)

Janine Haines, Suffrage to Sufferance: A hundred years of women in politics (Katie Spearritt)

Audrey Oldfield, Woman Suffrage in Australia: A Gift or a struggle? (Katie Spearritt)

Jan Roberts, Maybanke Anderson: Sex, Suffrage & Social Reform (Kate Darian-Srnith)

Malcolm Saunders, Quiet Dissenter: The life and thought of an Australian pacifist, Eleanor Mary Moore, 1875-1949 (Kate Darian-Srnith)

Verity Burgmann, Power and Protest: Movements for Change in Australian Society (Chilla Bulbeck)

John Shields (ed), All Our Labours: Oral Histories of Working Life in Twentieth Century Sydney (Charlie Fox)

Gay Hawkins, From Nimbin to Mardi Gras: Constructing Community Arts (Michael Sturma)

N.G.Butlin, Economics and the Dreamtime: A hypothetical history (J. Peter White)

Jan Kociumbas, The Oxford History ofAustralia, Volume 2, 1770-1860: Possessions (Margaret Anderson)

Tom Griffiths, Secrets of the Forest: Discovering History in Melbourne’s Ash Range (John McQuilton)

Williarn J Lines, Taming the Great South Land: A history of the conquest of nature in Australia (John McQuilton)

Eric Rolls, Sojourners: Flowers and the Wide Sea: The epic story of China’s centuries-old relationship with Australia (Clive Moore)

Adrian Graves, Cane and Labour: The Political Economy of the Queensland Sugar Industry, 1862-1906 (John Perkins)

Norma Townsend, Valley of the Crooked River: European Settlement on the Nambucca (Richard Ely)

John B. Hirst, The World of Albert Facey (Diane Menghetti)

Frank Cain, The Wobblies at War: A History of the IWW and the Great War in Australia (Frank Farrell)

Peter Crockett, Evatt: A Life (Michael Roe)

Anne and Don Byrne, Psychology for Nurses: Theory and Practice (Judith Bessant)

Stephanie Short, Evelyn Sharman and Sandra Speedy, Sociology for Nurses: An Australian Introduction (Judith Bessant)

Mary Dickenson, An Unsentimental Union: The NSW Nurses Association 1931-1992 (Judith Bessant)

History In The Making

Newcastle’s Special Day; Australians in Spain Memorial Unveiling
Vera Deacon