Journal Contents No. 67



Peter Love
Lloyd Edmonds: 3 July 1906 – 18 September 1994

Amirah Inglis
Lloyd Edmonds

Len Fox
Bert Roth: One of the Unsung Great New Zealanders

David Howell
Ralph Miliband: January 27 1924 – May 21 1994


Ann Curthoys
Labour History and Cultural Studies

Ian Watson
Class Memory: An Alternative Approach to Class Identity

Greg Patmore
‘American Hustling Methods’ – The Lithgow Small Arms Factory 1912-1922

Geoff Spenceley
The Broadmeadows Camp 1930-32: A Microscope on Social Control and Human Rights in the Depression of the 1930s

Le Mouvement Social

Barrie Dyster

Beverley Kingston
Women in Nineteenth Century Australian History

Terry Irving
The Roots of Parliamentary Socialism in Australia, 1850-1920

Lucy Taksa
Toil, Struggle and Repose: Oral History and The Exploration of Labour Culture In Australia

Stuart Macintyre
Dealing with Moscow: The Comintern and the Early History of The Communist Party of Australia

Research Report

Duncan Bythell
Class, Community, and Culture: The Case of the Brass Band in Newcastle

Conference Report

Bradley Bowden
Celebration of a Rebel Parliamentarian: The Fred Paterson Conference

Branch Reports:

Bradley Bowden
Brisbane Branch Report

Bob James
Hunter Valley Branch Report

Lloyd Edmonds
Melbourne Branch Report

Ric McCracken
Perth Branch Report

History In The Making

Bruce Scates
Remaking our History

Book Reviews

Pat Walsh (ed), Pioneering New Zealand Labour History: Essays in Honour of Bert Roth (Jim Hagan).

Peggy Brock, Outback Ghettos: A History of Aboriginal Institutionalisation and Survival (Noel Loos).

Graeme D. Snooks, Portrait of the Family Within the Total Economy: A Study in Long-Run Dynamics, Australia 1788-1990 (Katrina Alford).

Susan Magarey, Sue Rowley, Susan Sheridan (eds), Debutante Nation: Feminism Contests the 1890s (John Rickard).

Jill Roe (ed), My Congenials: Miles Franklin and Friends in Letters (J. MacCulloch).

Garry Wotherspoon, City of the Plain: History of a Gay Sub-Culture (Susan Magarey).

Janet McCalman, Journeyings: The Biography of a Middle-Class Generation, 1920-1990 (Beverley Kingston).

P.C. Candy and J. Laurent (eds), Pioneering Culture: Mechanics Institutes and Schools of Arts in Australia (Patricia Curthoys).

Weston Bate, Life After Gold: Twentieth Century Ballarat (Max Kelly).

Peter Hempenstall, The Meddlesome Priest: A Life of Ernest Burgmann (Renate Howe).

Clem Lloyd and Jacqui Rees, The Last Shilling: A History of Repatriation in Australia (Ken Fry).

Michael Quinlan (ed), Work and Health: The Origins, Management and Regulation of Occupational Illness;
Michael Quinlan and Philip Bohle, Managing Occupational Health and Safety in Australia: A Multidisciplinary Approach;
Alice Russell, The Growth of Occupational Welfare in Britain (Lenore Layman).

Douglas Blackmur, Strikes: Causes, Conduct and Consequences (Michael Hess).

Emir Sader and Ken Silverstein, Without Fear of Being Happy: Lula, the Workers Party and Brazil (Peter Ross).

Gregory S. Kealey and Reg Whitaker (eds), RCMP Security Bulletins: The Depression Years, Part 1, 1933-1934 and The War Series, Part 11, 1942-1945;
W.S. Latter, Military Intelligence Archives in Australia During the First World War (Andrew Moore).