Journal Contents No. 68



John Shields
Deskilling Revisited : Continuity and Change in Craft Work and Apprenticeship in Late Nineteenth Century New South Wales

Joy Damousi
‘Depravity and Disorder’: the Sexuality of Convict Women

John Laurent
‘That Old Treasure-House of Constructive Suggestion’: Australian Labor Ideology and War Organisation of Industry

Bridget Griffen-Foley
‘Four More Points Than Moses’: Dr. H. V. Evatt, the Press and the 1944 Referendum

Phillip Deery
Chifley, the Army and the 1949 Coal Strike

Jenny Flen-dng
Shifting the Emphasis: the Impact of Police Unionism in Queensland, 1915 -1925

Bernard Attard
Andrew Fisher, the High Comissionership and the Collapse of Labor

Louise Thornthwaite
Regulating State Employment: the Origins and Development of Public Sector Appeal Systems in NSW, 1880 – 1980