Journal Contents No. 69


Aboriginal Workers

Edited by Ann McGrath and Kay Saunders
with Jackie Huggins

Ann McGrath and Kay Saunders

Ann Curthoys and Clive Moore
Working for the White People: an Historiographic Essay on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Labour

Ann McGrath
‘Modem Stone-Age Slavery’: Images of Aboriginal Labour and Sexuality

Alison Holland
Feminism, Colonialism and Aboriginal Workers: an Anti-Slavery Crusade

Vicki Matson-GreenIMaykutenna and Tanya Harper
Palawa Women: Carrying the Burdens and Finding the Solutions

Heather Goodall
‘Assimilation Begins in the Home’: the State and Aboriginal Women’s Work as Mothers in New South Wales, 1900s to 1960s

Peggy Brock
Pastoral Stations and Reserves in South and Central Australia, 185Os-1950s

Raymond Evans and loanne Scott‘Fallen Among Thieves’: Aboriginal Labour and State Control in Inter-War Queensland

Kay Saunders
Inequalities of Sacrifice : Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Labour in Northern Australia During the Second World War

Joanne Watson
‘We Couldn’t Tolerate Any More’: the Palm Island Strike of 1957

Richard Broome
Enduring Moments of Aboriginal Dominance: Aboriginal Performers, Boxers and Runners

Jackie Huggins
White Aprons, Black Hands: Aboriginal Women Domestic Servants in Queensland

Inara Walden
‘That Was Slavery Days’: Aboriginal Domestic Servants in New South Wales in the Twentieth Century

Jackie Huggins
The Great Deception : Working Inside the Bureaucracy

Diana Plater
From Dreamtime to Overtime: Awards for Aboriginal Workers

Ann McGrath with Hetti Perkins and Brenda Croft
The Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-operative