Journal Contents No. 7


An Incident at Barcaldine, 1891
G. L. Buxton
p 22

Employers, Trade Unions and the First Victorian Factory Acts
J. Hagan
pp. 3-10

British Imperial Influences in the Foundations of the White Australia Policy
R. Lockwood
pp. 23-33

George Leonard Vogt
S. Merrifield
Part I: No. 7 pp. 14-21
Part II: No. 8 pp. 22-31

The Popular Movement During the French Revolution: A Note on Recent Work
T. G. Parsons
pp. 11-13

Alienation and Socialism
Merle Thornton
Part I: No. 7, pp. 34-44
Part II:Worker Satisfaction and Worker Control, No. 8, pp. 10-18

Industrial Folk Song
Edgar Waters
pp. 59-60


Parliamentary Papers of South Australia, 1856-1900
E. C. Fry
pp. 45-55


Fred Wells: An Appreciation
Bede Nairn
pp. 57-8.


Geoffrey Blainey The Rush That Never Ended: A History of Australian Mining. Ist Edition Melbourne 1963 (Frank Strahan) pp. 62-4;

N. G. Butlin Investment in Australian Economic Development, 1861-1900 Cambridge 1964 (Helen Hughes) pp. 66-7.

Vere Gordon Childe How Labour Governs: A Study of Workers’ Representation in Australia Melbourne 1964 (Robin Gollan) pp. 61-2.

Helen Hughes The Australian Iron and Steel Industry, 1848-1962 Melbourne 1964 (D. W. A. Baker) pp. 64-5.