Journal Contents No. 70



Gary Cross
Labour In settler-state democracies : comparative perspectives on Australia and the US, 1860-1920

Lenore Layman
‘To keep up the Australian standard’ : regulating contract labour migration, 1901-50

Paul A. Pickering
‘Glimpses of eternal youth’ : Chartism, poetry and the young H.R. Nicholls

Ian Syson
Henry Ernest Boote : putting the Boote into the Australian literary archive

Beris Penrose
Herbert Moxon, a victim of the ‘Boishevisation’ of the Communist Party

Malcolm Abbott
The NSW Labor Party and the proposal to nationalise the iron and steel industry 1890-1918

Daryl Adair
Respectable, sober, and Industrious? Attitudes to alcohol in early colonial Adelaide

Sean Scalmer
Experience and discourse : a map of recent theoretical approaches to labour and social history

Clyde R. Cameron
When incompetence and corruption merge: the AWU and the World newspaper

David McKnight
Reassessing the Rosenberg and the Petrov Affairs

Speech by the Hon. Bob Carr, Premier of NSW, Minister for the Arts, and Minister for Ethnic Affairs, at the 75th Anniversary of the Thirroul Railway Institute, 10 December 1995