Journal Contents No. 72



John Kellett
William Lane and ‘New Australia’: a Reassessment Malcolm Saunders
Harry Samuel Taylor — the William Lane of the South Australian Riverland.

Bruce Scates
‘We are not…'[A]boriginal’… we are Australian’: William Lane, Racism and the Construction of Aboriginality

Lyn A. Riddett
The Strike That Became a Land Rights Movement: a Southern ‘Do-Gooder’ Reflects on Wattie Creek 1966-74

Robert Castle and Jim Hagan
Regulation of Aboriginal Labour in Queensland — Protectors, Agreements and Trust Accounts 1897-1965

Bradley Bowden
‘Some Mysterious Terror’ — the Relationship Between Capital and Labour in Ipswich, 1861-96

Warwick Eather
‘Exterminate the Traitors’: the Wagga Wagga and District Trades and Labor Council, Trade Unionism and the Wagga Wagga Community 1943-60

Michael Hogan
Municipal Labor in New South Wales

Nikola Balnave
Legislating For Compulsory Unionism: The New South Wales Experience

Rick Kuhn
The Australian Left, Nationalism and the Vietnam War