Labour History No. 75 – November 1998


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Essays On 1798 And Australian Labour History

Andrew Moore
An ‘Indelible Hibernian Mark’? Irish Rebels and Australian Labour Radicalism: an Historiographical Overview

Anne-Marie Whitaker
From Swords to Ploughshares? The 1798 Irish Rebels in New South Wales

Kevin Whelan
Introduction to The Poor Man’s Catechism (1798)

Document: The Union Doctrine, or Poor Man’s Catechism

Labour History in Asia

Ray Markey
Labour History in Asia: Introduction

David A. Levin and Stephen W.K. Chiu
Trade Union Growth Waves in Hong Kong

Melanie Beresford and Chris Nyland
The Labour Movement of Vietnam


Ben Maddison
From ‘Moral Economy’ to ‘Political Economy’ in New South Wales, 1870-1900

Kosmas Tsokhas
Images of Class in the Poetry and Prose of Hugh McCrae

Beris Penrose
Medical Experts and Occupational Illness: Weil’s Disease in North Queensland, 1933-36

Kevin O’Toole
The Union of Australian Women: The Childcare Issue

David Dutton
The Commonwealth Investigation Branch and the Political Construction of the Australian Citizenry, 1920-40

Stefan Petrow
Creating an Orderly Society: The Hobart Municipal Police 1880-1898

Bradley Bowden and Michael Barry
‘The Greatest Curse … Was Unrestrained Competition’: Regulating Competition in the Queensland Coal Industry, 1900 to the 1930s