Labour History No. 77 – November 1999


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Australian Labour Intellectuals

Terry Irving and Sean Scalmer
Australian Labour Intellectuals : an Introduction

Ben Maddison
‘The Day of the Just Reasoner’ : T A Coghlan and the Labour Public Sphere in late Nineteenth Century Australia

Roger Markwick
Activist Academic: Lloyd Churchward as a Labour Intellectual

Verity Burgmann and Meredith Burgmann
‘A rare shift in public thinking’: Jack Mundey and the New South Wales Builders Labourers’ Federation

Sean Scalmer and Terry Irving
The Rise of the Modern Labour Technocrat: Intellectual Labour and the Transformation of the Amalgamated Metal Workers’ Union, 1973-85


Eric Fry
The Labour History Society (ASSLH) : A Memoir of its First Twenty Years

Frank Bongiorno
Bernard O’Dowd’s Socialism

Kate Deverall
A Bid for Affirmative Action: Annie Golding and the New South Wales Public School Teachers’ Association, 1900-15

Marjorie Jerrard
A Surprising Struggle? The AMIEU (Qld) and the Fight for Equal Wages in the Meat Processing and Export Industry in the 1950s and 1960s

Bradley Bowden
Transience, Community and Class : a Study of Brisbane’s East Ward, 1879-91

Maree Murray
‘The Child is Not a Servant’: Children, Work and the Boarding Out Scheme in New South Wales, 1880-1920

Norma Townsend
Penelope Bourke Revisited


Ian Tyrrell, True Gardens of the Gods : Californian-Australian Environmental Reform, 1860-1930 (Tom Griffiths)

Ann Mari Jordens, Alien to Citizen : Settling Migrants in Australia 1945-75 (Kevin Jones)

Andrew Spaull, John Dedman: A Most Unexpected Labor Man (Tom Sheridan)

Sir Zelman Cowen, Isaac Isaacs, 2nd edn (Geoffrey Bolton)

Barbara Curthoys and Audrey McDonald, More Than a Hat and Glove Brigade : the Story of the Union of Australian Women (Marilyn Lake)

Fred Moore, Paddy Gorman and Ray Harrison, At the Coalface : the Human Face of Coal Miners and their Communities : an Oral History of the Early Days (Erik Olssen)

Paul True, Tales of the BLF … Rolling the Right! (Drew Cottle)

Claire Mayhew and Michael Quinlan, Outsourcing and Occupational Health & Safety : a Comparative Study of Factory-based and Outworkers in the Australian TCF Industry (Lenore Layman)

John Jeremy, Cockatoo Island : Sydney’s Historic Dockyard (Tom Frame)

Max Solling and Peter Reynolds, Leichhardt : On the Margins of the City;
Jim Hagan and Andrew Wells (eds), A History of Wollongong (John Lack)

Jill Roe (ed), Guide to the Papers and Works of Max Kelly (Tony Prescott)

Andrew Gill, Forced Labour for the West : Parkhurst Convicts ‘Apprenticed’ in Western Australia, 1842 – 1851 (Tamsin O’Connor)

Jenny Gregory (ed), On the Homefront : Western Australia and World War II (Kay Saunders)