Labour History No. 79 – November 2000


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Labour History And Culture

Grant Michelson
Labour History and Culture – An Overview

Lucy Taksa
‘Pumping the Life-Blood into Politics and Place’: Labour Culture and the Eveleigh Railway Workshops

Janis Bailey
Blue Singlets and Broccoli : Culture in the Service of Union Struggle

Andrew Moore
Opera of the Proletariat : Rugby League, the Labour Movement and Working-Class Culture in New South Wales and Queensland

Mark Morrisson
Performance Poetry and Counter-Public Spheres : Geoff Goodfellow and Working-Class Voices

Kathie Muir
Feminism and Representations of Union Identity in Australian Union Banners of the 1980s and early 1990s

Bernard Carney
Left Singing

Lockie McDonald
‘It Shall Not Look Like A Funeral’

Eileen Yeo
Labour History and Culture – A Postscript


Barbara (Chambers) Dawson
Striking Out for Independence : Moves Towards Self-Determination and Self-Sufficiency on the Southern Monaro Property of Bibbenluke, 1861-84

W.M. Robbins
The Lumber Yards : a Case Study in the Management of Convict Labour 1788-1832

Justin Harding
Ideology or Expediency? The Abolition of the Queensland Legislative Council 1915-22


‘The Rise of the Modern Labour Technocrat’: Response

I. Tom Bramble
II. Terry Irving and Sean Scalmer (Reply to Tom Bramble)


Kevin Healey (1909-2000) : ‘Dear Mum and Dad’
Rowan Cahill

George Petersen (1921-2000)
Jim Staples


Working Life & Federation, 1890-1914
Frank Bongiorno

The ACTU Congress of 2000
Ross Martin


A.W. Martin’s Incomplete Menzies: No Aboriginals, No women
Jenny Hocking


Bill Bunbury, Unfinished Business: Reconciliation, the Republic and the Constitution;
Humphrey McQueen, Temper Democratic: How Exceptional is Australia? (Bruce Scates)

Raymond Evans, Fighting Words: Writing About Race;
Henry Reynolds, Why Weren’t We Told? A Personal Search for the Truth About Our History (Bill Thorpe)

Michael O’Rourke, The Kamilaroi Lands: North-Central New South Wales in the Early 19th Century (Jill Slack)

Katherine Betts, The Great Divide: Immigration Politics in Australia;
Glenn Patmore and Dennis Glover (eds), New Voices for Social Democracy: Labor Essays 1999-2000;
Michael Thompson, Labor Without Class: The Gentrification of the ALP (Damien Cahill)

Howard Kimeldorf, Battling for American Labor: Wobblies, Craft Workers, and the Making of the Union Movement (Eric Fry)

Michael Hess (ed.), Labour Organisation and Development: Case Studies (Clive Moore)

Wendy Lowenstein, Weevils at Work: What’s Happening To Work In Australia: An Oral Record (Nadia Wheatley)

Paul Adams, The Stranger from Melbourne: The Writing of Frank Hardy: A Literary Biography 1944 to 1975 (Allan Gardiner)

Margaret Penson, Breaking the Chains: Communist Party Women and the Women’s Liberation Movement, 1965-1975 (Lynette Finch)

Kay Daniels, Convict Women (Tamsin O’Connor)

John Merritt, That Voluminous Squatter: W.E. Abbott, Wingen (Duncan Waterson)

K.T. Livingston, The Wired Nation Continent: The Communication Revolution and Federating Australia (Graeme Osborne)

Bobbie Oliver, Peacemongers: Conscientious Objectors to Military Service in Australia, 1911-1945 (Val Noone)

Frank Cain (ed.), Arming the Nation: A History of Defence Science and Technology in Australia (Greg Patmore)

Marcus Breen, Rock Dogs: Politics and the Australian Music Industry (Richard Waterhouse)

Deborah Stevenson, Art and Organisation: Making Australian Cultural Policy (Elaine Lindsay)

Michael Roe (with a specialist chapter by Richard Wood-Baker), Life Over Death: Tasmanians and Tuberculosis (Susan Hardy)