Journal Contents No. 8


An Incident at the Dawn
J. Hagan
pp. 19-21

The Democratic Association of Victoria and the “I”
Henry Mayer
pp. 32-4

The Democratic Association of Victoria and the “I” Reply
S. Merrifield
pp. 35-6

The Cato Street Conspirators in New South Wales
George Parsons
pp. 3-5

The Portrait of Cardinal Manning in Ballarat Trades Hall
N. W. Saffin
pp. 6-9

George Leonard Vogt
S. Merrifield
Part I: No. 7 pp. 14-21
Part II: No. 8 pp. 22-31

Worker Satisfaction and Worker Control
Merle Thornton
Part I:Alienation and Socialism, No. 7, pp. 34-44
Part II: No. 8, pp. 10-18


Parliamentary Papers of Queensland, 1860-1900
E. C. Fry
pp. 37-45


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