Labour History No. 81 – November 2001


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Voluntary Work And Labour History

Melanie Oppenheimer
‘We all did voluntary work of some kind’: Voluntary Work and Labour History

Glenda Strachan
Present at the Birth : Midwives, ‘Handywomen’ and Neighbours in Rural New South Wales, 1850-1900

Bruce Scates
The Unknown Sock Knitter : Voluntary Work, Emotional Labour, Bereavement and the Great War

Michael Wright
‘Brass Hats … from Sydney’: Volunteerism, Contested Space and the Organisation of Fire Suppression in the Blue Mountains 1950-60

Sean Brawley
‘Surf lifesaving owes no person a living’: a Third-Sector Case Study

Bobbie Oliver
‘In the thick of every battle for the cause of Labor’ : the Voluntary Work of the Labor Women’s Organisations in Western Australia, 1900-70

Margo Beasley
Soldiers of the Federation: The Women’s Committees of the Waterside Workers’ Federation of Australia

Alice Kessler-Harris
Voluntary Work and Labour History : a Postscript

Other Articles

Geoff Spenceley
‘The Minister for Starvation’: Wilfrid Kent Hughes, Fascism and the Unemployment Relief (Administration) Act of 1933

Barbara Webster
‘To fight against the horrible evil of Communism’: Catholics, Community and the Movement in Rockhampton, 1943-57

John Minns
The Labour Movement in South Korea


Kay Daniels (1941-2001)
Rae Frances


Work – Organisation – Struggle : Canberra Labour History Conference
Christine de Matos

Workplace Fit for Citizens
Diane van den Broek

Social Protest Movements and the Labour Movement 1965-75
David McKnight

Book Reviews

Rod Kirkpatrick, Country Conscience: a History of the NSW Provincial Press, 1841-1995;
Denis Cryle (ed.), Disreputable Profession: Journalists and Journalism in Colonial Australia;
Rob Johnston, Cash for Comment: the Seduction of Journo Culture (Clem Lloyd)

Frank Stilwell, Changing Track: a New Political Economic Direction for Australia;
Christopher Sheil, Water’s Fall: Running the Risks with Economic Rationalism (Humphrey McQueen)

Duncan Kerr, Elect the Ambassador! Building Democracy in a Globalised World (Diane Fieldes)

Kate Deverall, Rebecca Hutley, Penny Sharpe and Jo Tilley (eds), Party Girls: Labor Women Now (Joy Damousi)

Jan Roberts and Beverley Kingston (eds), Maybanke: A Woman’s Voice: The Collected Works of Maybanke Selfe-Wolstenholme-Anderson 1845-1927 (Judy Skene)

Pauline Armstrong, Frank Hardy and the Making of Power Without Glory (Robert Darby)

Grace Karskens, Inside The Rocks: the Archaeology of a Neighbourhood (Hamish Maxwell-Stewart)

Jim Davidson and Peter Spearritt, Holiday Business: Tourism in Australia Since 1870 (Beverly Kingston)

Clinton Walker, Buried Country (Peter Read)

Ian Tyrrell, Deadly Enemies: Tobacco and its Opponents in Australia (James Gillespie)

Jim Claven, The Centre is Mine;
Andrew Scott, Running on Empty (James Hagan and Paul Tuckerman)

Andrew Chadwick, Augmenting Democracy: Political Movements and Constitutional Reform During the Rise of Labour, 1900-1924 (Terry Irving)

Dave Renton, Fascism, Anti-Fascism and Britain in the 1940s (Andrew Moore)

Bruce Duncan, Crusade or Conspiracy? Catholics and the Anti-Communist Struggle in Australia (Phillip Deery)

Christopher Cunneen, William John McKell: Boilermaker, Premier, Governor General (Geoffrey Bolton)

Andrew Edward Kersten, Race, Jobs, and the War: the FEPC in the Midwest, 1941-46 (William J. Breen)

Arif Dirlik, Vinay Bahl & Peter Gran (eds), History After the Three Worlds: Post-Eurocentric Historiographies (Michael Pearson)

Book Notes

Ian McKay (ed.), For Working Class Culture in Canada: a Selection of Colin McKay’s Writings on Sociological and Political Economy, 1897-1939 (Greg Patmore)

Hugh Anderson (ed.), Eureka: Victorian Parliamentary Papers, Votes and Proceedings 1854-1867 (Anne Beggs Sunter)