Labour History No. 82 – May 2002


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Commemorative Note

Greg Patmore
`The Right Wing Won’t Write’: Labour History in 1962


Shirleene Robinson
The Unregulated Employment of Aboriginal Children in Queensland, 1842-1902

Mark Hannah
Aboriginal Workers in the Australian Agricultural Company, 1824-1857

Tom Dunning and Hamish Maxwell-Stewart
Mutiny at Deloraine: Ganging and Convict Resistance in 1840s Van Diemen’s Land

Judith Smart
Cultivating Class Consciousness in a New Generation: the Labour Guild of Youth in Melbourne, 1926-28

Huntley Wright
Protecting the National Interest: The Labor Government and the Reform of Australia’s Colonial Policy, 1942-45

Andrew Moore
The ‘Great Literary Witch-hunt’ Revisited: Politics, Personality and Pique at the CLF, 1952

John McLaren
Peace Wars: the 1959 ANZ Peace Congress


Elizabeth Faue
Retooling the Class Factory: United States Labour History after Marx, Montgomery, and Postmodernism

Response 1: Bradon Ellem
Making Sense of Institutions? Class, Space and Labour History

Response 2: Melanie Oppenheimer
From Monochrome to Technicolour: Adding the Lens of Unpaid Labour

Response 3: Lucy Taksa
Family, Childhood and Identities: Working Class History from a Personalised Perspective

Response 4: Chris Wright
Labour History, Work and the Role of Capital

Research Essay

Hugh Anderson
‘Paddy’: the Sydney Street Poet

New Resources For Labour History

Bruce Smith
ATUA: Australian Trade Union Archives on the Web

Sarah Brown and Peter Love
Maritime Dispute Archive

Conference Report

Harry Knowles
‘Labouring Lives’: British Society for the Study of Labour History Autumn Conference, Manchester, 3 November 2001


John Faulkner
Clement John Lloyd (14.01.1939-31.12.01)

Book Reviews

Patricia Crawford & Philippa Maddern (eds), Women As Australian Citizens: Underlying Histories (Alison Holland)

Jan Gothard, Blue China: Single Female Migration to Colonial Australia (Patricia Grimshaw)

Sian Rees, The Floating Brothel: the extraordinary story of the Lady Julian and its cargo of female convicts bound or Botany Bay (Deborah Oxley)

Janet McCalman, Sex and Suffering: Women’s Health and a Women’s Hospital: The Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne 1856-1996 (Glenda Strachan)

Margaret Hobbs & Joan Sangster (eds), The Woman Worker, 1926-1929 (Kate Deverall)

Howard Zinn, Dana Frank and Robin D.G. Kelley, Three Strikes: Miners, Musicians, Salesgirls and the Fighting Spirit of Labor’s Last Century;
Derek H. Aldcroft and Michael J. Oliver, Trade Unions and the Economy: 1870-2000 (Braham Dabscheck)

Peter Sheldon & Louise Thornthwaite (eds), Employer Associations and Industrial Relations Change: Catalysts or Captives (Di Van Den Broek)

Anna Green, British Capital, Antipodean Labour: Working the New Zealand Waterfront, 1915-1951 (Tom Sheridan)

Leonard N. Rosenband, Papermaking in Eighteenth-Century France: Management, Labor, and Revolution at the Montgolfier Mill, 1761-1805 (Hamish Graham)

Sharon Beder, Selling the Work Ethic: From Puritan Pulpit to Corporate PR (Wendy Varney)

Melvyn Dubofsky, Hard Work: The Making of Labor History;
Janet Irons, Testing the New Deal: The General Textile Strike of 1934 in the American South (Stephen Robertson)

Michael Webber & Sally Weller, Refashioning the Rag Trade: Internationalising Australia’s Textiles, Clothing and Footwear Industries;
Clete Daniel, Culture of Misfortune: An Interpretative History of Textile Unionism in the United States (Bradon Ellem)

John Kellett, A Fighting Union: A History of the Queensland Branch of the Transport Workers’ Union, 1907-2000 (Harry Knowles)

Marilyn Dodkin, Brothers: Eight Leaders of the Labor Council of New South Wales (Bobbie Oliver)

Joe Glazer, Labor’s Troubador (John O’Brien)

Jim Hagan and Henry Lee (eds), A History of Work and Community in Wollongong (John Merritt)

Ted Kennedy, Who is Worthy? The role of conscience in restoring hope to the church (Anne O’Brien)

Ann Millar (ed.), Derek Drinkwater (asst ed.) with Anne Pyle & Judy Poulos, The Biographical Dictionary of the Australian Senate, Volume 1, 1901-1929 (Chris Cunneen)

Tim Bonyhady, The Colonial Earth (Lynne McLoughlin)

Gerald Friesen, Citizens and Nation: An Essay on History, Communication, and Canada;
Bryan Palmer (ed.), Labouring the Canadian Millennium: Writings on Work and Workers, History and Historiography;
Peter Baskerville and Eric W. Sager, Unwilling Idlers: The Urban Unemployed and their Families in Late Victorian Canada (Raelene Frances and Bruce Scates)