Labour History No. 83 – November 2002


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Trade Union Mobilising And Organising

Greg Combet

Rae Cooper and Greg Patmore
Trade Union Organising and Labour History

Ray Markey
Explaining Union Mobilisation in the 1880s and Early 1900s

Rae Cooper
‘To Organise Wherever the Necessity Exists’: the Activities of the Organising Committee of the Labor Council of NSW, 1900-10

Bradon Ellem and John Shields
Making the ‘Gibraltar of Unionism’: Union Organising and Peak Union Agency in Broken Hill, 1886-1930

Barbara Webster
A ‘Cosy Relationship’ If You Had It: Queensland Labor’s Arbitration System and Union Organising Strategies in Rockhampton, 1916-57

Evan Roberts
Gender in Store: Salespeople’s Working Hours and Union Organisation in New Zealand and the United States, 1930-60

Other Articles

Caroline Evans
Excellent Women and Troublesome Children: State Foster Care in Tasmania, 1896-1918

Jackie Hartley
Black, White … and Red? The Redfern All Blacks Rugby League Club in the Early 1960s

New Resources For Labour History

Alan R. Bell
Sources for Scottish Labour History in the Manuscripts Division of the National Library of Scotland

Research Note

Duncan Waterson
How to Select a ‘Proper’ Official Historian


Rae Frances
Confessions of a Promiscuous Researcher: Friends of the Noel Butlin Archives Inaugural Lecture

Conference Report

Donica Belisle
Celebrating Labour/Le Travail’s Fiftieth Issue: Report on the ‘Writing Canadian Labour’ Conference


Jim Hagan
Royden Harrison (03.03.1927-30.06.2002)

Bob Gould
Audrey Johnson (1925-2002)

Rae Frances
Bill Latter: Activist and Historian (30.05.1925-28.06.2002)

Review Article

Marian Simms
‘Prophets with Honour’: Federation Studies Reviewed

Geoffrey Bolton, Edmund Barton: the One Man for the Job
Aedeen Cremin (ed.), 1901, Australian Life at Federation: an Illustrated Chronicle
Beverly Earnshaw, One Flag, One Hope, One Destiny: Sir Joseph Carruthers and Australian Federation
John Hirst, The Sentimental Nation: the Making of the Australian Commonwealth
Kevin T. Livingstone, Richard Jordan & Gay Sweeney (eds), Becoming Australians: the Movement Towards Federation in Ballarat and the Nation
John Reynolds, Edmund Barton: Prime Minister of Australia 1901-1903
Michael Roe, The State of Tasmania: Identity at Federation-Time

Book Reviews

Iain McCalman, Alexander Cook & Andrew Reeves (eds), Gold: Forgotten Histories and Lost Artefacts of Australia;
Robyn Annear, Nothing But Gold: the Diggers of 1852 (Anne Beggs Sunter)

David Walker, Anxious Nation: Australia and the Rise of Asia 1850-1939;
Anthony Burke, In Fear of Security: Australia’s Invasion Anxiety (The Hon. Al Grassby, AM)

B.W. Higman, Domestic Service in Australia (Beverley Kingston)

Mark Hearn & Greg Patmore (eds), Working Life and Federation, 1890-1914 (Shirley Fitzgerald)

Judith Keene, Fighting For Franco: International Volunteers in Nationalist Spain during the Spanish Civil War, 1936-39 (Jill Roe)

Carole Ferrier, Jean Devanny: Romantic Revolutionary;
Jill Roe & Margaret Bettison (eds), A Gregarious Culture: Topical Writings of Miles Franklin (Julie Wells)

Peter Love and Paul Strangio (eds), Arguing the Cold War;
L.J. Louis, Menzies’ Cold War: a Reinterpretation (Rowan Cahill)

Bridget Griffen-Foley, Sir Frank Packer: the Young Master (David McKnight)

Sean Scalmer, Dissent Events: Protest, the Media and the Political Gimmick in Australia (Eric Freedman)

Jerold Waltman, The Politics of the Minimum Wage (Braham Dabscheck)

Brett Evans, The Life and Soul of the Party: a Portrait of Modern Labor (Jim Hagan)

Clive Faro with Garry Wotherspoon, Street Seen: a History of Oxford Street (Chris McConville)

Ken Buckley and Ted Wheelwright, False Paradise: Australian Capitalism Revisited, 1915-1955 (Richard Waterhouse)

Christopher Sheil (ed.), Globalisation: Australian Impacts;
Boris Frankel, When the Boat Comes In: Transforming Australia in the Age of Globalisation;
Angus Maddison, The World Economy: a Millennial Perspective (James R. Levy)