Labour History No. 84 – May 2003


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Beris Penrose
Occupational Lead Poisoning in Battery Workers: the Failure to Apply the Precautionary Principle

Robert Crawford
Manufacturing Identities: Industrial Representations of Australia in Press Advertisements, 1900-69

John Dargavel
‘Not easy work to starve their employees’: the 1921-22 Tasmanian Timber Dispute

Michael Barry
A Bone of Contention: Managerial Initiative vs Employer Association Regulation of the New Zealand Meat Industry, 1960-75

Melanie Nolan and Shaun Ryan
Transforming Unionism by Organising? an Examination of the ‘Gender Revolution’ in New Zealand Trade Unionism Since 1975′

Teaching Labour History

Erik Eklund and Melanie Oppenheimer
An E- Interview with Rae Frances and Bruce Scates

New Resources For Labour History

Jonathan Rees
The Bessemer Historical Society and the Colorado Fuel and Iron Archives

Conference Reports

Drew Cottle
Radical Times: Brisbane in the Sixties and Seventies

Danny Blackman
Saving History


Jack Hutson (13.05.12 – 21.02.2003)
Peter Love

Review Article

Bruce Scates
The Price of War: Labour Historians Confront Military History

Peter Cochrane, Australians at War;
Joy Damousi, Living with the Aftermath: Trauma, Nostalgia and Grief in Post-war Australia;
Michael McKernan, This War Never Ends: the Pain of Separation and Return;
John McQuilton, Rural Australia and the Great War: From Tarrawingee to Tangambalanga;
Melanie Oppenheimer, All Work, No Pay: Australian Civilian Volunteers in War

Book Reviews

Marilyn Lake, Getting Equal: the History of Australian Feminism (Eva Cox)

Marilyn Lake, Getting Equal: the History of Australian Feminism (Naomi Parry)

Melanie Nolan, Breadwinning: New Zealand Women and the State (Janis Bailey)

Warwick Anderson, The Cultivation of Whitenes: Science, Health and Racial Destiny in Australia (John Gascoigne)

David Kent and Norma Townsend, The Convicts of the Eleanor;
Lucy Frost and Hamish Maxwell-Stewart (eds), Chain Letters: Narrating Convict Lives (Bill Robbins)

Anthony B. Dickinson and Chesley W. Sanger, Norwegian Whaling in Newfoundland: the Aquaforte Station and the Ellefsen Family, 1902-1908;
Paul Holm, Tim D. Smith and David J. Starkey (eds), The Exploited Seas: New Directions for Marine Environmental History;
Gordon Boyce and Richard Gorski (eds), Resources and Infrastructures in the Maritime Ecology, 1500-2000 (Iain Stuart)

David McKnight, Espionage and the Roots of the Cold War: the Conspiratorial Heritage (Andrew Moore)

Barrie Blears, Together With Us: a Personal Glimpse of the Eureka Youth League and its Origins, 1920 to 1970;
Beverley Symons (compiler) with Stuart Macintyre, Communism in Australia: a Supplementary Resource Bibliography, c. 1994-2001 (Drew Cottle)

H. Koo, Korean Workers: the Culture and Politics of Class Formation (Michael O’Donnell)

Raymond Markey, Ann Hodgkinson, Terri Mylett and Simon Pomfret with Maree Murray and Michael Zanko, Regional Employment Relations at Work (Len Pullin)

Steve Keen, Debunking Economics: the Naked Emperor of the Social Sciences (Peter Kriesler)