Labour History No. 85 – November 2003


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Interpreting Working Life And Culture
in Australian Museums And Galleries

Bobbie Oliver and Andrew Reeves
Crossing Disciplinary Boundaries : Labour History and Museum Studies

Charles Fahey, John Lack and Liza Dale-Hallett
Resurrecting the Sunshine Harvester Works: Re-presenting and Reinterpreting the Experience of Industrial Work in Twentieth Century Australia

Anne Beggs Sunter
Contested Memories of Eureka: Interpretations of the Eureka Stockade

Simon Adams and Raelene Frances
Lifting the Veil: the Sex Industry, Museums and Galleries

Lucy Taksa
‘Machines and Ghosts: Politics, Industrial Heritage and the History of Working Life at the New South Wales Eveleigh Railway Workshops’

Brian Crozier and Helen Gregory
Creating ‘A Lot On Her Hands’

Other Articles

John Minns and Robert Tierney
The Labour Movement in Taiwan

Nikola Balnave
Company-Sponsored Recreation in Australia: 1890-1965

Mark Hearn
A Wild Awakening: the 1893 Banking Crisis and the Theatrical Narratives of the Castlereagh Street Radicals

Malcolm Saunders
‘Jim Toohey’ (1909-92): the ‘Father’ of the Labor Party in South Australia

Contested Histories Forum

A Forum Discussion of Keith Windschuttle’s Recent Work
(edited by Grace Karskens, Julie Kimber and Bruce Scates)

Vicki Grieves
Windschuttle’s Fabrication of Aboriginal History: a View from the Other Side

Liz Wilson
This Land was Forcefully Taken

Lyndall Ryan
The Right Book for the Right Time?

Naomi Parry
‘Many deeds of terror’: Windschuttle and Musquito

Stuart Macintyre
Reviewing the History Wars

Research Reports/Notes

Tony Laffan
‘Not a Dictatorship of the proletariat but a comradeship of all’: Methodism and the Newcastle Labour Movement

Bob McKillop
Documenting Australia’s Iron & Steel Industry: the Lithgow Project

Conference Reports

UK-Australian Labour History Conference, Manchester, 16-18 July 2003
Paul Pickering

The ACTU Congress of 2003
Ed Davis


Ron Hancock (16.08.1910 – 30.05.2003)
Tom McDonald

Tas Bull (31.01.1932 – 29.05.2003)
Rowan Cahill

Book Reviews

Penelope Hetherington, Settlers, Servants and Slaves: Aboriginal and European Children in the Nineteenth-Century in Western Australia (Fiona Paisley)

Christine Halse, A Terribly Wild Man;Heather McDonald, Blood, Bones and Spirit: Aboriginal Christianity in an East Kimberley Town (Thom Blake)

Alfred J. Gabay, Messages from Beyond: Spiritualism and Spiritualists in Melbourne’s Golden Age, 1870-1890 (Mark Hearn)

Graham Seal, ‘Tell ’em I Died Game’: the Legend of Ned Kelly (John McQuilton)

David Coad, Gender Trouble Down Under: Australian Masculinities;
Martin Crotty, Making the Australian Male: Middle-Class Masculinity 1870-1920 (Jock Phillips)

Kerreen Reiger, Our Bodies, Our Babies: the Forgotten Women’s Movement (Shurlee Swain)

Kosmas Tsokhas, Making a Nation State: Cultural Identity, Economic Nationalism and Sexuality in Australian History (Tim Rowse)

Robert Colon and John Perkins, Wheels and Deals: the Automotive Industry in Twentieth-Century Australia (J.W. Knott)

Erik Eklund, Steel Town: the Making and Breaking of Port Kembla (John Shields)

Alan Barcan, Radical Students: the Old Left at Sydney University;
G.B. Harrison, Night Train to Granada: from Sydney’s Bohemia to Franco’s Spain: an Offbeat Memoir (Rowan Cahill)

Terry Irving & Lucy Taksa, Places, Protests, and Memorabilia: the Labour Heritage Register of New South Wales;
Jeff Sparrow & Jill Sparrow, Radical Melbourne: a Secret History (Megan Martin)

George B. Kirsch, Baseball in Blue and Grey: the National Pastime During the Civil War (Braham Dabscheck)

Shane White, Stories of Freedom in Black New York (Victoria Haskins)

Richard A. Brisbin Jr, A Strike Like No Other: Law and Resistance During the Pittston Coal Strike of 1989-1990 (Erik Eklund)

Annette Thörnquist (ed.), Work Life, Work Environment and Work Safety in Transition: Historical and Sociological Perspectives on the Development in Sweden during the 20th Century (Lenore Layman)