Labour History No. 86 – May 2004


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‘It is not the beliefs but the crime that matters’: Post-War Civil Liberties Debates in Canada and Australia
Dominique Clément

Labor and Reform of the Victorian Legislative Council 1950-2003
Paul Strangio

‘Primal Socialist Innocence and the Fall’?: the ALP Left in Leichhardt Municipality in the 1980s
Tony Harris

‘The women do the machinery’: Craft, Gender and Work Transformation in the Brisbane Boot Trade, 1869-95
Bradley Bowden and Toni Bowden

Class, Hegemony and Localism : the Southern Mining Region of New South Wales, 1850-1900
Barry McGowan

Defending Internationalism in Interwar Broken Hill
Sarah Gregson

Greek Communist Activity in Melbourne: a Brief History
Con K. Allimonos

The Cold/Class War, and the Jailing of Ted Roach
Les Louis

Research Notes

Unravelling Years of Minutes
Morris Graham

H.V. Evatt’s Prizes at Fort Street High School
J.W. Shaw


How the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party Lost Its Way [Adelaide Branch of the ASSLH, September 2003]
Clyde Cameron

Conference Reports

Transforming Labour: Work, Workers, Struggle and Change [8th Australian Labour History Conference, Brisbane, October 2003]
Greg Patmore

Struggling for Recognition: the Individual in Labour History [WOS/ASSLH Conference, Sydney, November 2003]
Melissa Kerr

Enduring Labor Values? a Report of the 43rd ALP National Conference, Sydney, 29-31 January 2004
Mark Hearn


He Found and Raised Eureka’s Trampled Flag : a Tribute to Len Fox
R.D. Walshe


Jim Cairns (04.10.1914 – 12.10.2003)
Paul Strangio

Book Reviews

Nelson Lichtenstein, State of the Union: a Century of American Labor (David Palmer)

Josh Gottheimer (ed.), Ripples of Hope: Great American Civil Rights Speeches (Braham Dabscheck)

Verity Burgmann, Power, Profit and Protest : Australian Social Movements and Globalisation (Phil Griffiths)

Michael Newman, Ralph Miliband and the Politics of the New Left (Terry Irving)

Michel Foucault, Society Must Be Defended: Lectures at the Collège de France, 1975-76 (Mark Hearn)

Neville Kirk, Comrades and Cousins: Globalization, Workers and Labour Movements in Britain, the USA and Australia from the 1880s to 1914 (Sarah Gregson)

Seung-Ho Kwon and Michael O’Donnell, The Chaebol and Labour in Korea: the Development of Management Strategy in Hyundai (Diane Fieldes)

Owen R. Ashton and Paul A. Pickering, Friends of the People: Uneasy Radicals in the Age of the Chartists (Mark McKenna )

Michael Hyde, Hey Joe (Rowan Cahill)

Anthony Scott, Tuggerah Lakes Way Back When … (Grace Karskens)