Labour History No. 88 – May 2005


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Australia / Uk Comparative Labour History

Why Compare Labour in Australia and Britain?
Neville Kirk

Comparative Labour History in Britain and Australia
Stefan Berger and Greg Patmore

Labour’s Memory: a Comparison of Labour History Archives in Australia, England, Wales and Scotland
Alan R. Bell, Janette Martin and Sigrid McCausland

Managing Labour: UK and Australian Employers in Comparative Perspective, 1900-50
Arthur McIvor and Christopher Wright

No Lasting Peace? Labor, Communism and the Cominform: Australia and Great Britain, 1945-50
Phillip Deery and Neil Redfern

Getting a Grip: the Roles of Friendly Societies in Australia and Britain Reappraised
Dan Weinbren and Bob James

The Labour Movement and Voluntary Action in the UK and Australia: a Comparative Perspective
Justin Davis Smith and Melanie Oppenheimer

Labour Parties and the State in Australia and the UK
Greg Patmore and David Coates

Postscript: Australian and British Labour Compared
Gregory S. Kealey

Other Articles

‘& so we are “Slave owners”!’: Employers and the NSW Aborigines Protection Board Trust Funds
Victoria Haskins

A Failure of Voluntarism: Shop Assistants and the Struggle to Restrict Trading Hours in the Colony of Victoria, 1850-85
Michael Quinlan, Margaret Gardner and Peter Akers

Cleavage Within the Working Class? The Working-Class Vote for the Labour Party in New Zealand, 1911-51
Miles Fairburn and Stephen Haslett

Work in a Time of Plenty: Narratives of Men’s Work in Post-War Australia
John Murphy


Pacific Currents in the Tasman: Comparative and Transnational Perspectives on New Zealand Labour History
Melanie Nolan

Conference Report

Unions and Industrial Relations Legislation: the Past and the Future [Brisbane Labour History Association, Brisbane 12 March 2005]
Rae Frances

Book Reviews

Andrew Gill, Convict Assignment in Western Australia: the Parkhurst ‘Apprentices’, 1842-1851 (W.M. Robbins)

John Newsinger, Rebel City: Larkin, Connolly and the Dublin Labour Movement (Andrew Moore)

Jimmy Elaine Wilkinson Meyer, Any Friend of the Movement: Networking for Birth Control, 1920-1940 (Kerreen Reiger)

Itzhak Gust, Such Was Life: a Jumping Narrative from Radom to Melbourne (Phillip Deery)

Ann Curthoys, Freedom Ride: a Freedom Rider Remembers (Hall Greenland)

Anna Green and Megan Hutching (eds), Remembering: Writing Oral History (Kate Darian-Smith)

Jeff Sparrow and Jill Sparrow, Radical Melbourne 2: the Enemy Within;
Raymond Evans and Carole Ferrier (eds), Radical Brisbane: an Unruly History (Cathy Brigden)

Bradon Ellem, Hard Ground: Unions in the Pilbara (David Peetz)

Bobbie Oliver, Unity is Strength: a History of the Australian Labor Party and the Trades and Labor Council in Western Australia, 1899-1999 (Raymond Markey)

Joe Isaac and Stuart Macintyre (eds), The New Province for Law and Order: 100 Years of Australian Industrial Conciliation and Arbitration (Greg Harrison)

Michael Hogan, Local Labor: a History of the Labor Party in Glebe, 1891-2003 (Alice Murphy)

Marian Sawer and Barry Hindess, Us and Them: Anti-Elitism in Australia (Michael Cathcart)

Joan Eveline, Ivory Basement Leadership: Power and Invisibility in the Changing University (Carolyn Allport)

Nathan Hollier (ed.), Ruling Australia: the Power, Privilege and Politics of the New Ruling Class (Marian Sawer)

Jenny Hocking, Terror Laws: ASIO, Counter-Terrorism and the Threat to Australian Democracy (Laurence W. Maher)

Paul Blackledge, Perry Anderson, Marxism and the New Left (Anthony Ashbolt)

Sidney Hook, Towards the Understanding of Karl Marx: a Revolutionary Interpretation;
Ian H. Birchall, Sartre Against Stalinism (J.W. Shaw)

Laksiri Jayasuriya, David Walker and Jan Gothard (eds), Legacies of White Australia: Race, Culture and Nation;
David Goldsworthy (ed.), Facing North: a Century of Australian Engagement with Asia, Volume 1, 1901 to the 1970s (David Ayres)

Donna Gabaccia and Franca Iacovetta (eds), Women, Gender and Transnational Lives: Italian Workers of the World;
Marlene Epp, Franca Iacovetta, and Frances Swyripa (eds), Sisters or Strangers? Immigrant, Ethnic and Racialised Women in Canadian History (Dimitria Groutsis)