Labour History No. 89 – November 2005


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The ‘Extreme Right’ In 20Th Century Australia

Edited By Andrew Moore

Writing About the Extreme Right in Australia
Andrew Moore

The Australian Right, the American Right and the Threat of the Left, 1917-35
Nick Fischer

Arthur Nelson Field: Kiwi Theoretician of the Australian Radical Right?
Marinus La Rooij

The New Guard and the Labour Movement, 1931-35
Andrew Moore

Frank Browne and the Neo-Nazis
Peter Henderson

Douglas Evelyn Darby, MP : Anti-Communist Internationalist in the Antipodes
Drew Cottle and Angela Keys

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation : Extreme Right, Centre Party or Extreme Left?
Murray Goot

The Importance of Anti-Labour History
Marcel van der Linden

Other Articles

Creating Labour’s Space: the Case of the Melbourne Trades Hall
Cathy Brigden

How Secure was that Public Service Job: Redundancy in the Queensland Public Service 1859-1993
Linda Colley

Making Working-Class Heroes: Labour Cartoonists and the Australian Worker, 1903-16
Marian Quartly

Workplace Football, Working-Class Culture and the Labour Movement in Victoria, 1910-20
Peter Burke

Reading Ethnography as Labour History: the Example of the Iatmul, East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea
Marcel van der Linden

Research Report

Making and Remaking the Boilermaker at the Newcastle Steelworks, 1915-85
Dennis McIntyre


Labour History : an International Movement
Marcel van der Linden

Conference Report

‘The Past is Before Us’: the Ninth National Labour History Conference
Kerry Taylor

Exhibition Review

In the MATTER of the First Person REINSTATEMENT : 1916 – Principles of Law
Janis Bailey


Francis Leslie (Frank) Farrell (1945-2005)
Rae Frances and Bruce Scates

Denis Kevans (1939-2005)
Bob Fagan

Book Reviews

Don Watson, Death Sentence: the Decay of Public Language;
Don Watson, Watson’s Dictionary of Weasel Words, Contemporary Clichés, Cant and Management Jargon (Ian Syson)

Bain Attwood, Rights for Aborigines (Anne Genovese)

Michal Bosworth, Convict Fremantle: a Place of Promise and Punishment (Pamela Statham-Drew)

Hilary Golder, Politics, Patronage and Public Works: the Administration of New South Wales, Volume 1, 1842-1900 (Terry Irving)

Greg Patmore (ed.), Laying the Foundations of Industrial Justice: the Presidents of the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW, 1902-1998 (Stuart Macintyre)

Bradon Ellem, Raymond Markey and John Shields (eds), Peak Unions in Australia: Origin, Power, Purpose, Agency (Neale Towart)

John Campling and Paul Gollan, Bargained Out: Negotiating Without Unions in Australia (Tony Dundon)

Diana Kelly (ed.), Researching Industrial Relations (Nadine White)

Earling Rasmussen (ed.), Employment Relationships: New Zealand’s Employment Relations Act (Gordon Anderson)

Adrian Jarvis, In Troubled Times: the Port of Liverpool, 1905-1938;
Lars U. Scholl and Merja-Liisa Hinkkanen (eds), Sail and Steam: Selected Maritime Writings of Yrjö Kaukiainen (Rowan Cahill)

Leo Panitch, Colin Leys, Alan Zuege and Martijn Konings (eds), The Globalization Decade: a Critical Reader (Nick Coates)

William D. Rubinstein, The All-Time Australian 200 Rich List (Bradon Ellem)

Rick Kuhn (ed.), Class and Struggle in Australia (Ken Buckley)

Books for Children and Young Adults

David Hollinsworth, They Took the Children (Diane van den Broek & Ruth Baker)

Kirsty Murray, Bridie’s Fire (Julia Shields)