Labour History No. 91 – November 2006


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The Politics Of Consumption And Co-Operation

Edited By Nikola Balnave And Greg Patmore

The Politics of Consumption and Cooperation: An Overview
Nikola Balnave and Greg Patmore

Attaining the Australian Dream: The Starr-Bowkett Way
Maxine Darnell

The Shifting Meaning of Mutuality and Co-operativeness in the Credit Union Movement from 1959 to 1989
Leanne Cutcher and Melissa Kerr 31

Localism and Rochdale Co-operation: The Junee District Co-operative Society
Nikola Balnave and Greg Patmore

Co-operative Studies in Australia and Beyond
Ian MacPherson

Other Articles

One of the Boys or the Common Good?: Workplace Activism in the NSW Branch of the Federated Engine Drivers and Firemens Association
Mark Westcott

‘Australians for Australia’: The Right, the Labor Party and Contested Loyalties to Nation and Empire in Australia, 1917 to the Early 1930s
Neville Kirk

The Maoriland Worker and Blasphemy in New Zealand
Geoffrey Troughton

Corio 1940: Triumph for John Curtin but Stillbirth for an Australian Motor Car
Mal Harrop

Justice at Last?: The Temporary Teachers’ Club and the Teaching Service (Married Women) Act 1956
Donna Dwyer

John Bernard Sweeney QC: Trade Union Lawyer
Jeff Shaw


Melbourne Celebrates the 150th Anniversary of its Eight Hour Day
Peter Love


Bede Nairn, 1917-2006: A Memoir
John Merritt

Vale Ken Buckley, 1922-2006
Stuart Rosewarne

John Cummins, 1948-2006
Liz Ross

Book Reviews

Sarah Maddison and Sean Scalmer, Activist Wisdom: Practical Knowledge and Creative Tension in Social Movements (Verity Burgmann)

Christopher Cunneen (ed.), Australian Dictionary of Biography: Supplement 1580-1980 (Mark Hearn)

Maria Nugent, Botany Bay: Where Histories Meet (Suzanne Rickard)

Richard Broome, Aboriginal Victorians: A History Since 1800 (Alan Mayne)

Rudolf Rocker, The London Years (Günter Minnerup)

John McIlroy, Alan Campbell and Keith Gildart (eds), Industrial Politics and the 1926 Mining Lockout: The Struggle For Dignity (Robert Bollard)

Andrew Moore, Francis De Groot: Irish Fascist, Australian Legend (Geoff Robinson)

Dorothy B. Fujita-Rony, American Workers, Colonial Power: Philippine Seattle and the Transpacific West, 1919-1941 (David Palmer)

Anne O’Brien, God’s Willing Workers: Women and Religion in Australia (Hilary M. Carey)

Margaret Fitzherbert, Liberal Women: Federation to 1949 (Kate Deverall)

Mary Margaret Fonow, Union Women: Forging Feminism in the United Steelworkers of America (Kristyn Crossfield)

Barbara Pocock, The Work/Life Collision: What Work is Doing to Australians and What to Do about It (Marian Baird)

Al Rainnie and Mardelene Grobbelaar (eds), New Regionalism in Australia (Erik Eklund)

Joe Isaac and Russell D. Lansbury (eds), Labour Market Deregulation: Rewriting the Rules (Braham Dabscheck)

Joellen Riley, Employee Protection at Common Law (Braham Dabscheck)

Gideon Haigh, Asbestos House: The Secret History of James Hardie Industries (Harry Knowles)

Robert Nicol, This Grave and Burning Question: A Centenary History of Cremation in Australia (Simon Cooke)