Labour History No. 92 – May 2007


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American Liberalism and Labour Politics: Labour Leaders and Liberty Language in Late Nineteenth Century Australia and the United States
Robin Archer

Transcending Class? Australia’s Single Taxers in the Early 1890s
Melissa Bellanta

Fat Man v. ‘the People’: Labour Intellectuals and the Making of Oppositional Identities, 1890-1901
Nick Dyrenfurth and Marian Quartly

Careers Advice for Women and the Shaping of Identities
Kay Whitehead

Labour Management Practices in Non-Union Firms: Australian Abrasive Industry 1945-70
Melissa Kerr

Collateral Damage: B.A. Santamaria and the Marginalising of Social Catholicism
Race Mathews

The Mine at Baryulgil: Work, Knowledge, and Asbestos Disease
Jock McCulloch

Historical Perspectives On Current Issues

Vitiating the Federal Principle: The High Court Work Choices Case, 2006
Mark Hearn

Contested Histories Forum

Was the ‘Southern Tree of Liberty’ an Oak?
Paul A. Pickering

‘A Song for the Future’ : A Response to Paul Pickering
Terry Irving

Conference Reports

Trans-Tasman Labour History: Comparative or Transnational?
Peter Franks

Labour History On Film

The History of the Great Australian Lockout in 50 Minutes
Diane Michael


Wendy Lowenstein, 1927-2006 : A Woman of Worth
Phyl Lobl

Book Reviews

Terry Irving, The Southern Tree of Liberty: The Democratic Movement in New South Wales before 1856 (Beverley Kingston)

R.D. Walshe, The Great Australian Goldrush and Eureka Stockade;
Tom O’Lincoln, United We Stand: Class Struggle in Colonial Australia;
Rick Kuhn (ed.), Class and Struggle in Australia (Bob Gould)

James Green, Death in the Haymarket: A Story of Chicago, the First Labor Movement and the Bombing that Divided Gilded Age America (Braham Dabscheck)

Jacqueline Dickenson, Renegades and Rats: Betrayal and the Remaking of Radical Organisations in Britain and Australia (Tony Harris)

John Barnes, Socialist Champion: Portrait of the Gentleman as Crusader (Terry Irving)

Ross McMullin, Will Dyson: Australia’s Radical Genius (Cathy Wilcox)

Melanie Oppenheimer, Oceans of Love: Narrelle, an Australian Nurse in World War I;
Bruce Scates, Return to Gallipoli: Walking the Battlefields of the Great War (Michael McKernan)

John Wanna and Paul Williams (eds), Yes, Premier: Labor Leadership in Australia’s States and Territories (Graham Freudenberg)

Kenneth Gee, Comrade Roberts: Recollections of a Trotskyite (Rowan Cahill)

Jim Comerford, Lockout: The Northern New South Wales Coal Lockout 2nd March 1929 – 3rd June 1930 (Braham Dabscheck)

Beverley Symons and Rowan Cahill (eds), A Turbulent Decade: Social Protest Movements and the Labour Movement, 1965-1975;
Greg Mallory, Uncharted Waters: Social Responsibility in Australian Trade Unions (Sean Scalmer)

Kate Holden, In My Skin: A Memoir (Raelene Frances)

Elaine McKewon, The Scarlet Mile: A Social History of Prostitution in Kalgoorlie, 1894-2004 (Janet McCalman)

Peter Crocker et al, Tech Voices: Recollections of the Technical Teachers Association of Victoria (Shelley Greer)

Barry Howarth and Ewan Maidment (eds), Light from the Tunnel: Collecting the Archives of Business and Labour at The Australian National University, 1953-2003 (Michael Organ)

Barbara Pocock, The Labour Market Ate My Babies: Work, Children and a Sustainable Future (Katherine Ravenswood)

Rebecca Huntley, The World According to Y: Inside the New Adult Generation (Damian Oliver)

Yonatan Reshef and Sandra Rastin, Unions in the Time of Revolution: Government Restructuring in Alberta and Ontario (Braham Dabscheck)

Tony Collins, Rugby League in Twentieth Century Britain: A Social and Cultural History (Andrew Moore)

Book Notes

Sean Scalmer, The Little History of Australian Unions (Julie Kimber)

Ufil’ Umuntu, Ufil’ Usadikiza! Trade Unions and Struggles for Democracy and Freedom in South Africa, 1973-2003 (Erik Eklund)

The State of Industrial Relations: The State of the States, 2005 (Erik Eklund)