Labour History No. 96 – May 2009


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Governor Macquarie’s Job Descriptions and the Bureaucratic Control of the Convict Labour Process
Bill Robbins

‘We have no means of redress unless we strike’: Class, Gender and Activism in the Melbourne Tailoresses’ Strike, 1882-83
Danielle Thornton

‘In bramble of chicanery belated justice stands’: Early Judicial Interpretations of the Factories and Shops Act 1896 (Vic)
Rohan Price

From Labourism to Social Democracy: Labor Governments and Fiscal Policy in the Australian States 1911-40
Geoffrey Robinson

Template for a Labor Faction: The Industrial Section and the Industrial Vigilance Council of the NSW Labor Party, 1916-19
Michael Hogan

Against the Odds: Establishing the Miscellaneous Workers Union in Tasmania, 1949-59
Michael Hess

Under Pressure: The Whitlam Labor Opposition and Class Struggle, 1967-72
Ashley Lavelle

Reassessing the Victorian Trades Hall ‘Split’ of 1967-73
Cathy Brigden

Exploding the Stability Myth: Structural Change in the Australian Trade Union Movement, 1969-85
Kerrie Saville

Dole Bludgers, Taxpayers and the New Right: Constructing Discourses of Welfare
Verity Archer

Research Report

The ACTU Congress of 2006 and its Aftermath
Ed Davis


How Unions Brought the Workers Back to Labor
Peter Lewis

Heritage Report

The Old with the New: Refurbishing the Sydney Trades Hall and Reclaiming Union History
Neale Towart

Conference Report

LabFem2: Feminist Working Class History in Europe and Beyond Stockholm, Sweden, August 28-31 2008
Cathy Brigden


A Legend Among True Believers: Clyde Cameron (1913-2008)
Bill Guy

Balmain Legend, ‘Issy’ Wyner (1916-2008)
Larry Wyner

Oral Historian and Activist, ‘Studs’ Terkel (1912-2008)
Sarah Gregson

Book Reviews

Brian Matthews, Manning Clark: A Life

Roslyn Russell, Ever, Manning: Selected Letters of Manning Clark 1938-1991
Jeff Sparrow

Ken Buckley, Buckley’s! Ken Buckley: Historian, Author and Civil Libertarian: An Autobiography
Andrew Moore

David Day, Andrew Fisher: Prime Minister of Australia
Bill Anderson

A.W. Martin, The ‘Whig’ View of Australian History, and Other Essays
Marian Quartly

Deborah Gare and David Ritter (eds), Making Australian History: Perspectives on the Past since 1788
Rosalie Triolo

Lee-Ann Monk, Attending Madness: At Work in the Australian Colonial Asylum
Ann Hardy

Kate Blackmore, The Dark Pocket of Time: War, Medicine and the Australian State, 1914-1935
Alex Cameron-Smith

Jock McCulloch and Geoffrey Tweedale, Defending the Indefensible: The Global Asbestos Industry and its Fight for Survival
Michael Quinlan

Michael Roe, Albert Ogilvie and Stymie Gaha: World-Wise Tasmanians
David Bird

Sheila Fitzpatrick and Carolyn Rasmussen (eds), Political Tourists: Travellers from Australia to the Soviet Union in the 1920s-1940s
Ian Cummins

Jan Lingard, Refugees and Rebels: Indonesian Exiles in Wartime Australia
Klaus Neumann

Kevin Morgan, Labour Legends and Russian Gold
Harry Knowles

Patrick Morgan (ed.), B.A. Santamaria: Running the Show: Selected Documents: 1939-1996
Bruce Duncan

Shelton Stromquist (ed.), Labor’s Cold War: Local Politics in a Global Context
John J. Rosen

Lawrence Richards, Union-Free America: Workers and Antiunion Culture
Braham Dabscheck

Tom Bramble, Trade Unionism in Australia: A History from Flood to Ebb Tide
Sarah Gregson

Pete Thomas, The Coalminers of Queensland: A Narrative History of the Queensland Colliery Employees Union, Volume 2: The Pete Thomas Essays
Peta Belic

Ronald L. Lewis, Welsh Americans: A History of Assimilation in the Coalfields
Bradley Bowden

Eric Richards, Destination Australia: Migration to Australia since 1901
Catriona Elder

Sally Davison and Jonathan Rutherford (eds), Race, Identity and Belonging: A Soundings Collection
Sarah Gregson

Melanie Oppenheimer, Volunteering: Why We Can’t Survive Without It
Leanne Cutcher

Book Notes

Christopher Arup et al (eds), Labour Law and Labour Market Regulation
Mark Westcott

Labour History in Song

The Colliers’ Strike Song
Melinda Kendall