Labour History No. 97 – November 2009


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Anti-Union Employer Strategy and
Australian Labour History

Edited by Rae Cooper and Greg Patmore

Private Detectives, Blacklists and Company Unions: Anti-Union Employer Strategy and Australian Labour History
Rae Cooper and Greg Patmore

Silicosis, Mechanisation and the Demise of Sydney’s Rockchoppers’ Union, 1908-18
Peter Sheldon

Anti-Union or Pro-Property? Worker Surveillance and Gold Theft in Western Australian Gold Mines, 1899-1920
Naomi Segal

Employee Participation and Labour Representation: ICI Works Councils in Australia, 1942-75
Raymond Markey and Greg Patmore

CRA/Rio Tinto in the 1990s: A Decade of Deunionisation
Bruce Hearn Mackinnon

How Many of These Are Anti-Union Practices? A US Perspective
George Strauss

Other Articles

‘Harmony … between the Employer and Employed’: Employer Support for Union Formation in Brisbane, 1857-90
Bradley Bowden

Fremantle in Slow Motion: Winning Back the Melbourne Waterfront, 1919
Robert Bollard

The Australian Left’s Support for the Creation of the State of Israel, 1947-48
Philip Mendes

The Cairns Aborigines and Torres Strait Islander Advancement League
Sue Taffe


The ACTU Congress of 2009
Ed Davis

Labour History in the New Century: 11th National Labour History Conference
Peter Franks


American Labour Law as a Model for Australia? Or, Can You Get Here From There?
David Brody


John Peter Maynes (15.03.1923 – 14.04.2009)
Keith Harvey

Book Reviews

John Docker, The Origins of Violence (Rebecca Cameron)

Ann Curthoys, Ann Genovese & Alexander Reilly, Rights and Redemption: History, Law and Indigenous People (Libby Connors)

Bain Attwood, Possession: Batman’s Treaty and the Matter of History (Tim Rowse)

Arnold J. Meagher, The Coolie Trade: The Traffic in Chinese Laborers to Latin America 1847-1874 (Kathleen López)

Diane Kirkby, Voices from the Ships: Australia’s Seafarers and Their Union (Tom Sheridan)

Bradley Bowden, Against All Odds: The History of the United Firefighters Union in Queensland, 1917-2008 (Bradon Ellem)

Humphrey McQueen, Framework of Flesh: Builders’ Labourers Battle for Health & Safety (Michael Quinlan)

Gary Daniels & John McIlroy (eds), Trade Unions in a Neoliberal World (Peter Fairbrother)

Anthony Forsyth & Andrew Stewart (eds), Fair Work: The New Workplace Laws and the Work Choices Legacy (Braham Dabscheck)

Frank Stilwell & Kirrily Jordan, Who Gets What? Analysing Economic Inequality in Australia (Helen Masterman-Smith)

Helen Masterman-Smith & Barbara Pocock, Living Low Paid: The Dark Side of Prosperous Australia (Therese Jefferson)

Colin Holden & Richard Trembath, Divine Discontent: The Brotherhood of St Laurence: A History (Andrew R. St. John)

Mike Sanders, The Poetry of Chartism: Aesthetics, Politics, History (Paul A. Pickering)

Martin Crotty & David Andrew Roberts (eds), Turning Points in Australian History;
Martin Crotty & David Andrew Roberts (eds), The Great Mistakes of Australian History (Robert Bollard)

Philippa Mein Smith, Peter Hempenstall & Shaun Goldfinch, Remaking the Tasman World (James Bennett)

Madeline Grey, Challenging Women: Towards Equality in the Parliament of Victoria;
Marian Sawer, Making Women Count: A History of the Women’s Electoral Lobby in Australia (Cathy Jenkins)

Tony Harris, Basket Weaver and True Believers: Making and Unmaking the Labor Left in Leichhardt Municipality, 1970-1991 (Geoffrey Robinson)

Rodney Smith, Against the Machines: Minor Parties and Independents in New South Wales, 1910-2006 (Sylvia Hale)

Margot O’Neill, Blind Conscience (Eileen Pittaway)

Brigid Rooney, Literary Activists: Writer-Intellectuals and Australian Public Life (David Wolstencroft)

Robert Service, Comrades: Communism: A World History (Neville Kirk)

Frank Cain, Terrorism & Intelligence in Australia: A History of ASIO & National Surveillance (Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones)

Daniel Rosenberg, Underground Communists in the McCarthy Period: A Family Memoir (Peter Meyer Filardo)

Bobbie Oliver, Jean Beadle: A Life of Labor Activism (Lenore Coltheart)

Peter Bastian, Andrew Fisher: An Underestimated Man;
Edward W. Humphreys, Andrew Fisher: The Forgotten Man (Nick Dyrenfurth)

David S. Bird, J.A. Lyons: The Tame Tasmanian: Appeasement and Rearmament in Australia 1932-39 (Christopher Waters)

Kim E. Beazley, Father of the House: The Memoirs of Kim E. Beazley (Bobbie Oliver)

Jenny Hocking, Gough Whitlam: A Moment in History, The Biography, Volume 1 (Jim Davidson)

Quentin Beresford, The Godfather: The Life of Brian Burke (Jacqueline Dickenson)

Book Notes

Marcel van der Linden, Workers of the World: Essays Towards a Global Labor History (Marilyn Lake)

Bernadette Brennan (ed.), Just Words? Australian Authors Writing for Justice (Ian Syson)

Labour History in Song

Eveleigh Railway Workshops
John Warner