Labour History No. 98 – May 2010

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Social Democratic Parties and Business:
An Historical Analysis

Edited by Geoff Gallop and Greg Patmore

Social Democratic Governments and Business
Geoff Gallop and Greg Patmore

Business Mobilisation, the New Right and Australian Labor Governments in the 1980s
Damien Cahill

Labor Neoliberals or Pragmatic Neo-Laborists? The Hawke and Keating Labor Governments in Office, 1983-96
Joe Collins and Drew Cottle

New Zealand’s Fifth Labour Government (1999-2008): A New Partnership with Business and Society?
Peter Skilling

The Ties that Unwind? Social Democratic Parties and Unions in Australia and Britain
Ashley Lavelle

Labor, Government Business Enterprises and Competition Policy
Murray Goot

A Marriage of Convenience: Citibank, Hawke-Keating Labor and Foreign Bank Entry into Australia
Harry Knowles, Greg Patmore and John Shields

Neoliberalism and Child Protection: A Deadly Mix
Martha Knox Haly

Other Articles

The New South Wales Railway Commissioners’ Strategic Pre-Planning for the Mass Strike of 1917
Robert Tierney

Australian [Mis]treatment of Indigenous Labour in World War II Papua and New Guinea
Noah Riseman

Political Activism, Academic Freedom and the Cold War: An American Experience
Phillip Deery


History and the Business School
Sanford M. Jacoby

Conference Report

Red Green and In-between: Labour and the Environment in Historical Context
Janis Bailey, Ross Gwyther, Dale Jacobsen and Greg Mallory

Tributes to Jim Hagan

Jim Hagan: A Memoir
Rob Castle

Researching and Writing History with Jim Hagan
Andrew Wells

Jim Hagan and Apprentice Historians
Bradon Ellem and Peter Sheldon


Bruce Mitchell (1935-2009)
Stephen Forster.

Bill Robbins (1954-2009)
Gerry Voll and John Saw

Labour History in Song

The Seige of Union Street
Alistair Hulett

Book Reviews

Barbara Hall. The Irish Vanguard: The Convicts of the ‘Queen’, Ireland to Botany Bay, 1791 (Lucy Frost)

Simon Adams, The Unforgiving Rope: Murder and Hanging on Australia’s Western Frontier (Hamish Maxwell-Stewart)

Tiffany Shellam, Shaking Hands on the Fringe: Negotiating the Aboriginal World at King George’s Sound (Penelope Edmonds)

Sarah Maddison, Black Politics: Inside the Complexity of Aboriginal Political Culture (Richard Broome)

Anne Henderson, Enid Lyons: Leading Lady to a Nation (Kate White)

J.C. Bannon, Supreme Federalist: The Political Life of Sir John Downer (Geoffrey Bolton)

Ashley Hogan, Moving in the Open Daylight: Doc Evatt, an Australian at the United Nations (Brian Galligan)

Gerry Bloustein, Barbara Comber and Alison Mackinnon (eds), The Hawke Legacy;
David Love, Unfinished Business: Paul Keating’s Interrupted Revolution (Marian Simms)

Michael Head, Calling Out the Troops: The Australian Military and Civil Unrest: The Legal and Constitutional Issues (Rowan Cahill)

Bruce E. Kaufman, Managing the Human Factor: The Early Years of Human Resource Management in American Industry (Braham Dabscheck)

Daniel Sidorick, Condensed Capitalism: Campbell Soup and the Pursuit of Cheap Production in the Twentieth Century (Braham Dabscheck)

Steven High and David W. Lewis, Corporate Wasteland: The Landscape and Memory of Deindustrialization (Elizabeth Faue)

Jennifer Harris (ed.), Foreigners: Secret Artefacts of Industrialism (Carl Power)

Bradley Bowden, Simon Blackwood, Cath Rafferty and Cameron Allan (eds), Work and Strife in Paradise: The History of Labour Relations in Queensland 1859-2009 (Braham Dabscheck)

Kathie Muir, Worth Fighting For: Inside the Your Rights at Work Campaign (Jeannie Rea)

Judith Keene, Treason on the Airwaves: Three Allied Broadcasters on Axis Radio during World War II (Andrew Moore)

Basil Archer, Interpreting Occupied Japan: The Diary of an Australian Soldier, 1945-1946 (Andrew McKay)

Lee Papas (ed.), Staged Action: Six Plays from the American Workers’ Theatre (Lisa Milner)

John Cash and Joy Damousi, Footy Passions (Robert Pascoe)

Paul Strangio and Nick Dyrenfurth (eds), Confusion: The Making of the Australian Two-Party System (Bruce Stone)

Gordon D. Combe, MC, Responsible Government in South Australia, Volume 1: From the Foundations to Playford;
Robert Martin, Responsible Government in South Australia, Volume 2: From Playford to Rann (Clement Macintyre)

Giselle Byrnes (ed.), The New Oxford History of New Zealand (Stuart Macintyre)

Graeme Davison, Pat Jalland and Wilfred Prest (eds), Body and Mind: Historical Essays in Honour of F.B. Smith (Richard Waterhouse)

David Salter, The Media We Deserve: Underachievement in the Fourth Estate (Dianne Jones)

Book Notes

Herbert Vere Evatt, The Tolpuddle Martyrs: Injustice within the Law (Erik Eklund)

Iain McIntyre, How to Make Trouble and Influence People: Pranks, Hoaxes, Graffiti and Political Mischief-Making from across Australia (Phillip Deery)