Labour History No. 103 – November 2012

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Economic Wealth and Political Power in Australia, 1788-2010
Georgina Murray and Jenny Chesters

Figures in the Landscape: The Experience of the Least Visible Workers on a New England Pastoral Station, 1850-1900
Margaret Rodwell

Company Boats, Sailing Dinghies and Passenger Fish: Fathoming Torres Strait Islander Participation in the Maritime Economy
Steve Mullins

‘Nothing but Rebels’: Union Sisters at the Sydney Rubber Works, 1918-42
John Tully

Australian POW Labour in Germany in World War II
Peter Monteath

Doing Without the Boss: Workers’ Control Experiments in Australia in the 1970s
Verity Burgmann, Ray Jureidini and Meredith Burgmann

Marxism for Beginner Nations: Radical Nationalist Historians and the Great War
Carolyn Holbrook

‘Conscription is Not Abhorrent to Laborites and Socialists’: Revisiting the Australian Labour Movement’s Attitude towards Military Conscription during World War I
Nick Dyrenfurth

The Mobilisation of Capital behind ‘the Battle for Freedom’: The Sydney Banks, the Institute of Public Affairs (NSW) and Opposition to the Australian Labor Party 1944-49
Warwick Eather and Drew Cottle

The Apostasy of Allan Fraser: The ALP and Civil Liberties in 1955
Andrew Moore

A Middle-Class Diversion from Working-Class Struggle? The New Zealand New Left from the Mid-1950s to the Mid-1970s
Toby Boraman

From Defeat to Catastrophe: The Labor Party in Rural New South Wales, 1988-2011
Bradley Bowden


ACTU Congress of 2012
Ed Davis


Mark Peel and Christina Twomey, A History of Australia (Zora Simic)

Paul Strangio, Neither Power nor Glory: 100 Years of Political Labor in Victoria, 1856-1956 (Paul Rodan)

Nick Dyrenfurth and Frank Bongiorno, A Little History of the Australian Labor Party (Sean Scalmer)

Shae McCrystal, The Right to Strike in Australia (Paul Doughty)

Reg Hamilton, Waltzing Matilda and the Sunshine Harvester Factory: The Early History of the Arbitration Court, the Australian Minimum Wage, Working Hours and Paid Leave (Charles Fahey)

Darrell Lewis, A Wild History: Life and Death on the Victoria River Frontier (Naomi Parry)

Ross McMullin, Farewell Dear People: Biographies of Australia’s Lost Generation (John McQuilton)

Bruce Scates, On Dangerous Ground (John McLaren)

Christopher Waters, Australia and Appeasement: Imperial Foreign Policy and the Origins of World War II (Allan Patience)

James Curran, Curtin’s Empire (Deryck M. Schreuder)

Peter Franks and Melanie Nolan (eds), Unions in Common Cause: The New Zealand Federation of Labour 1937-88 (Len Richardson)

Benjamin Isitt, Militant Minority: British Columbia Workers and the Rise of the New Left, 1948-1972 (Bryan D. Palmer)

Emmet O’Connor, A Labour History of Ireland 1824-2000 (John Cunningham)

David Fernbach (ed.), In the Steps of Rosa Luxemburg: Selected Writings of Paul Levi (Robert Bollard)

Asbjørn Wahl, The Rise and Fall of the Welfare State (Rob Watts)


Dale Lorna Jacobsen, Union Jack (Greg Mallory)

Mary Ellen O’Connor, Freed to Care, Proud to Nurse: 100 Years of the New Zealand Nurses Organisation (Cathy Brigden)


The Price of Steel
Robin Connaughton and John Warner