Labour History No. 106 – May 2014

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Labour and the Great War: The Australian Working Class and the Making of ANZAC

Frank Bongiorno, Raelene Frances and Bruce Scates (eds)

Preface: Labour History at War
Jay Winter

Labour and Anzac: An Introduction
Frank Bongiorno, Raelene Frances and Bruce Scates

At the Birth of Anzac: Labor, Andrew Fisher and Australia’s Offer of an Expeditionary Force to Britain in 1914
Douglas Newton

Stopping War and Stopping Conscription: Australian Labour’s Response to World War I in Comparative Perspective
Robin Archer

The Great Strike of 1917 in Victoria: Looking Fore and Aft, and from Below
Charles Fahey and John Lack

Job Skill, Manliness and Working Relationships in the Australian Imperial Force during World War I
Nathan Wise

Shaping the Legend: The Role of the Australian Red Cross and Anzac
Melanie Oppenheimer

“Natural Enemies”? Anzac and the Left to 1919
Mark Cryle

Labor and the Anzac Legend, 1915–45
Nick Dyrenfurth

Class Factors in the Radicalisation of Archbishop Daniel Mannix, 1913–17
Val Noone

Labor, Loyalty and Peace: Two Anzac Controversies of the 1920s
Phillip Deery and Frank Bongiorno

“I Intend to Get Justice”: The Moral Economy of Soldier Settlement
Bruce Scates and Melanie Oppenheimer