Labour History No. 115 – November 2018

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“A Most Important Cadre”: The Infiltration of the Communist Party of Australia during the Early Cold War
Phillip Deery

Patrick O’Farrell and the Making of Harry Holland: Militant Socialist
Len Richardson

Clyde Cameron: An Architect of “The Great Labor Schism”
Malcolm Saunders

Surviving on the Brink: New Zealand Workers, Unions and Employment Relations, 1991–2008
George Lafferty and Shaunnagh Dorsett

Blood Politics: Australian Nurses, HIV and the Battle for Rights on the Wards
Geraldine Fela

Establishing Trade Unionism in the Emerging Iron Ore Mining Industry in Western Australia’s Pilbara Region, 1965–72
Alexis Vassiley

Understanding Regional Trades and Labour Councils: Sources for Australian Labour History
Kathryn M. Steel

What Did We Want? Debates within the Australian Nuclear Disarmament Movement in the 1980s
Jonathan Strauss


Listening for Subversion: The Bugging of the Communist Party, 1958–59
Phillip Deery


Michael Quinlan, The Origins of Worker Mobilisation: Australia 1788–1850 (Mark Finnane)

Stephen Gapps, The Sydney Wars: Conflict in the Early Colony 1788–1817 (Raymond Evans)

Mike Makin-Waite, Communism and Democracy: History, Debates and Potentials (Terry Irving)

Fabrice Bensimon, Quentin Deluermoz and Jeanne Moisand, eds, “Arise Ye Wretched of the Earth”: The First International in a Global Perspective (Neville Kirk)

Peter Cole, David Struthers and Kenyan Zimmer, eds, Wobblies of the World: A Global History of the IWW (Frank Cain)

Kevin Morgan, International Communism and the Cult of the Individual: Leaders, Tribunes and Martyrs under Lenin and Stalin (Sheila Fitzpatrick)

Joshua B. Freeman, Behemoth: A History of the Factory and the Making of the Modern World (Christopher Sheil)

Greg Patmore and Nikola Balnave, A Global History of Cooperative Business (George Cheney and Matt Noyes)

James R. Barrett, History from the Bottom Up and the Inside Out: Ethnicity, Race and Identity in Working-Class History (Braham Dabscheck)

Robert Goldstein, Discrediting the Red Scare: The Cold War Trials of James Kutcher, “The Legless Veteran” (Nick Fischer)

Gregory S. Kealey, Spying on Canadians: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Security Service and the Origins of the Long Cold War (Robert Justin Goldstein)

Charlie Fox, Bobbie Oliver and Lenore Layman, eds, Radical Perth: Militant Fremantle (Marian Quartly)

Lisa Milner, Swimming Against the Tide: A Biography of Freda Brown (Zora Simic)

David Peetz and Georgina Murray, eds, Women, Labour Segmentation and Regulation: Varieties of Gender Gaps (Luke Hilakari)

Mark Bray, Johanna Macneil and Andrew Stewart, Cooperation at Work: How Tribunals Can Help Transform Workplaces (Hon. Reg Hamilton)

Brett Heino, Regulation Theory and Australian Capitalism: Rethinking Social Justice and Labour Law (Anthony O’Donnell)

Elizabeth Faue, Rethinking the American Labor Movement (Timothy J. Minchin)

Ralph Callebert, On Durban’s Docks: Zulu Workers, Rural Households, Global Labor (Peter Limb).

Richard Griffiths, What Did You Do during the War? The Last Throes of the British Pro-Nazi Right, 1940–45 (Andrew Moore)

Sally Percival Wood, Dissent: The Student Press in 1960s Australia (Kate Murphy)

David McKnight, Populism Now! The Case for Progressive Populism (Boris Frankel)

Lane Windham, Knocking on Labor’s Door: Union Organizing in the 1970s and the Roots of a New Economic Divide (Braham Dabscheck)