Labour History No. 121 – November 2021

Capitalism: New Histories from Australia
Edited by Hannah Forsyth and Sophie Loy-Wilson

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Introduction: Political Implications for the New History of Capitalism
Hannah Forsyth and Sophie Loy-Wilson

Thinking Capitalism from the Bedroom: The Politics of Location and the Uses of (Feminist, Queer, Crip) Theory
Yves Rees

Surviving School and “Survival Schools”: Resistance, Compulsion and Negotiation in Aboriginal Engagements with Schooling
Archie Thomas and Beth Marsden

Aboriginal Worlds and Australian Capitalism
Heidi Norman

Nature, Labour and Agriculture: Towards Common Ground in New Histories of Capitalism
Julie McIntyre

Managerial Capitalism and White-Collar Professions: Social Mobility in Australia’s Corporate Elite
Claire Wright and Hannah Forsyth

Labour in the Technocratic Frame: Macroeconomic Policy and Wages in 1950s Australia
Michael Beggs

Shopgirls as Consumers: Selling Popular Music in 1920s Australia
Henry Reese

Greek Migrant Labour and Their “Capitalist Compatriots”: Towards a History of Ethnic Capitalism
Andonis Piperoglou

Putting Capitalism in Its Place: Economies of Worth and the Practice of Australian History
Frances Flanagan and Ben Huf


My Mother, Ethel Rosenberg
Michael Meeropol


Jane Lydon, Anti-Slavery and Australia: No Slavery in a Free Land? (Michael Quinlan)

Adam Wakeling, A House of Commons for a Den of Thieves: Australia’s Journey from Penal Colony to Democracy (Peter Brent)

Bob Boughton, Danny Blackman, Mike Donaldson, Carmel Shute and Beverley Symons, eds, Comrades! Lives of Australian Communists (Andrew Reeves)

Ben Harker, The Chronology of Revolution: Communism, Culture, and Civil Society in Twentieth Century Britain (Gregory Billam)

Vernon L. Pedersen, The Communist Party on the American Waterfront: Revolution, Reform, and the Quest for Power (Braham Dabscheck)

John A. Tully, Labor in Akron, 1825–1945 (Charles Post)

Liam Cullinane, Working in Cork: Everyday Life in Irish Steel, Sunbeam Wolsey, and the Ford Marina Plant, 1917–2001 (John Cunningham)

Jeremy Milloy and Joan Sangster, eds, The Violence of Work: New Essays in Canadian and US Labour History (Greg Patmore)

Sheila Fitzpatrick, White Russians, Red Peril: A Cold War History of Migration to Australia (Klaus Neumann)

Russell D. Lansbury, Crossing Boundaries: Work and Industrial Relations in Perspective (Andrew Scott)

Max Ogden, A Long View from the Left (Mark Taft)

Liz Ross, Stuff the Accord! Pay Up! Workers’ Resistance to the ALP-ACTU Accord (Elizabeth Humphrys)

Barry Jones, What Is to Be Done: Political Engagement and Saving the Planet (Christopher Sheil)

Meredith Burgmann and Nadia Wheatley, Radicals: Remembering the Sixties (Rowan Cahill)


Anne Richards, A Book of Doors (Raymond Evans)

Sandra Hogan, With My Little Eye (Phillip Deery)